Adeyinka Yusuf

Photographer and Filmmaker
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Adeyinka Yusuf is a photographer and filmmaker from Lagos, Nigeria. In 2013, he started Street Shooters NG, a street photography collective and the following year, he was selected to lead a photowalk as part of the Nigerian Photography Expo and... MORE
Public Story
Covid-19 and the Event Industry in Nigeria
Copyright Adeyinka Yusuf 2023
Date of Work May 2020 - Sep 2020
Updated Aug 2022
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Topics Business, Documentary, Film, Investigation, Opinions, Pandemics, Personal Projects, Video
As Nigeria eases lockdown restrictions and attempts to reopen the economy, its citizens - most of whom survive on daily wages - are heaving a sigh of relief. This respite is however not felt by all as many businesses, for example those in the events industry, remain closed.

Pegged at a market value of $20 billion, Nigerian events are estimated to be among the most extravagant in the world.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, these colourful gatherings remain prohibited, leaving the mostly one-person enterprises who cater to them as some of those hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

As a struggling documentary photographer who still makes most of his money from shooting events, I know the magnitude of this dearth of income first hand. Fortunately, I am also a photojournalist.

This documentary is my inquiry into how fellow entrepreneurs in the events industry have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. All my contacts live in Lagos, the largest city and commercial hub of Africa. I met all of them at home and asked them a few questions, including lessons they have learnt from the pandemic and what their plans are for a post-Covid future.
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Adeyinka Yusuf / Lagos, Nigeria

Young and Legit... Mikky Banty.

Adeyinka Yusuf / Lagos, Nigeria


Adeyinka Yusuf / Ondo State, Nigeria

Kigali Bicycle Taxis

Adeyinka Yusuf

Faces at a Rally

Adeyinka Yusuf / Ogun state, Nigeria

Sleeping on Duty

Adeyinka Yusuf


Adeyinka Yusuf

Three Weeks at Yikpata

Adeyinka Yusuf / Yikpata, Kwara State, Nigeria
Covid-19 and the Event Industry in Nigeria by Adeyinka Yusuf
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