clash for dreams

Aymen Muhammad
Photographer based in Denmark/Aarhus
I was born in an unauthoritarian environment .as a result, I Believed in the determination of the revolution. I grew up learning about principles such as ,social justice ,human dignity and equality. Thus,  , I was not happy concerning the reality in Sudan. the war ,oppression , suppression and injustice. So ,Finally , the sun of the revolution shined in the 19th of December 2018. In which, the people have upraised ,some have died and some have fallen injured, and in the 11th of April 2019 ,after 5 month  of revolting against the regime , Sudanese people with persistence have toppled the regime in Sudan.  But I haven't witnessed any of that except through the social media platforms . because, I was abroad doing my  university degree , In that case, I missed the revolution in it’s active form of movement.
Now After a year, I am back to my home land “Sudan” post the severe conflict ,observing life and people. Furthermore, their willingness and openness to live.

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clash for dreams
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