Aya Okawa

Photographer, Visual Anthropologist
Tsunami Survivor Protecting Vulnerable Sea Turtles
Location: San Francisco, California.
Nationality: American
Biography: Aya Okawa is an award-winning aerial and environmental photographer and visual anthropologist who enjoys shooting landscape transformation, abstract patterns, and documenting the interaction of natural and human systems. Aya's work has been... MORE
Public Story
Tsunami Survivor Protecting Vulnerable Sea Turtles
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Updated Feb 2022
Topics Animals, Climate Change, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Ocean
Tsunami Survivor Committed to Conservation and Sustainability Founds a Sea Turtle Sanctuary on the Rubble of his Home

After narrowly surviving the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka's coast in 2004, killing tens of thousands and destroying his home, Charith Dilshan deeply believes in the need to conserve and protect nature.

On the rubble where his childhood home once stood, he built and runs the Galbokka Sea Turtle Hatchery and Sanctuary, where he protects and incubates endangered sea turtle eggs until they hatch and can be released to the ocean, and cares for adult sea turtles injured or disabled by human activity and pollution.
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Tsunami Survivor Protecting Vulnerable Sea Turtles by Aya Okawa
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