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Biography: The Authority Collective is a group of womxn, femmes, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people of color reclaiming their authority in the photography, film and VR/AR industries. Our mission is to empower marginalized artists with... read on
Meraki Mentor Podcast: There's Room For You Feat. Jovelle Tamayo
authority collective
Jun 6, 2019
     S2E4: There's Room For You feat. Jovelle Tamayo
          Creating art doesn’t have to be a competition. Making images is a responsibility that impacts culture and society. These are just some of the values that Jovelle Tamayo, of the Authority Collective, shares in this episode.

By Authority Collective —

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Event: Authority Collective invites people of color aspiring to become photo editors to a networking event at National Geographic Headquarters

By Authority Collective — Visura is delighted to sponsor the  Authority Collective ’s  People of Color Photo Editors Salon at National Geographic..


By Authority Collective — Including but not limited to Canon Nikon Olympus Photoshelter RICOH Sony Dec. 15, 2018 Recently, Sony announced its winners of the inaugural Alpha..

on Medium: An Open Letter to The Magenta Foundation from the Authority Collective, Natives Photograph and Women Photograph

By Authority Collective — It came to our attention, as organizations previously affiliated with the Flash Forward competition jurying process, that Toronto-Dominion (TD)..

Feminist Magazine interview: Melissa Bunni Elian

By Authority Collective —    FM April 29: Climate Change /Homeward LA/ Authority Collective - Feminist Magazine   “If we don’t picture our..
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Exploring Notions of Queerness with Authority Collective at Photoville LA - PhotoShelter Blog

By Authority Collective —     Exploring Notions of Queerness with Authority Collective at Photoville LA - PhotoShelter Blog           This..

A New Wave of Social Networks Make Diverse Photographers More Visible

By Authority Collective — A New Wave of Social Networks Make Diverse Photographers More Visible These platforms aren't giving photo editors any excuses to claim they..
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By Authority Collective — There's a lot of talk about inclusivity but what does it really mean to create equity and fairness in the photo and video industry? Join our..
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Presenting at Photoville LA: Parallax Exhibition curated by Mengwen Cao & Tara Pixley

By Authority Collective — Presented by Authority Collective and curated by Mengwen Cao & Tara Pixley— Parallax is a series of photographic and filmic portraits of..

on PDN Pulse: Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Jurors Withdraw in Protest of TD Bank Funding

By Authority Collective — Four jurors for this year’s  Magenta Foundation Flash Forward emerging photographer competition have withdrawn in protest of the..

on Humble Arts Foundation: "The Lit List" Presents a Diverse List of 30 Photographers to Watch, Exhibit, and Hire Right Now

By Authority Collective — Lack of cultural and gender-based diversity has been a problem in the art and photography world for years. Despite many positive, forward-thinking..

on FORMAT: The Lit List is Recognizing the Photographers the Industry Overlooks

By Authority Collective — This new photo award is drawing attention to marginalized photo talents. By Jill Blackmore Evans   20.07.2018        The..

on artsy: These Photographers Are Ensuring That Diversity Becomes More Than an Industry Trend

By Authority Collective — When Oriana Koren launched their career as a freelance photographer shooting weddings, they began to realize the lack of visibility for marginalized..

on NYT Lens: Women of Color Organize for Access and Accountability in Photojournalism

By Authority Collective — The Authority Collective , whose members are women, transgender or nonbinary photographers, is building a supportive community while challenging..
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