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Biography: The Authority Collective is a group of womxn, femmes, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people of color reclaiming their authority in the photography, film and VR/AR industries. Our mission is to empower marginalized artists with... read on
Feminist Magazine interview: Melissa Bunni Elian
authority collective
Jun 6, 2019

  FM April 29: Climate Change /Homeward LA/ Authority Collective - Feminist Magazine
“If we don’t picture our communities they will either go undocumented or documented by outsiders who might not treat us with the same care and consideration.”
The Authority Collective, made up of Women/Trans/Nonbinary photographers of color, are organizing for access and accountability in Photojournalism. And they’re building a supportive community while challenging industry leaders’ thinking about diversity and representation. We’re joined by Authority Collective board member, Melissa Bunni Elian to hear all about it.

By Authority Collective —

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Event: Authority Collective invites people of color aspiring to become photo editors to a networking event at National Geographic Headquarters

By Authority Collective — Visura is delighted to sponsor the  Authority Collective ’s  People of Color Photo Editors Salon at National Geographic..


By Authority Collective — Including but not limited to Canon Nikon Olympus Photoshelter RICOH Sony Dec. 15, 2018 Recently, Sony announced its winners of the inaugural Alpha..

on Medium: An Open Letter to The Magenta Foundation from the Authority Collective, Natives Photograph and Women Photograph

By Authority Collective — It came to our attention, as organizations previously affiliated with the Flash Forward competition jurying process, that Toronto-Dominion (TD)..
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Exploring Notions of Queerness with Authority Collective at Photoville LA - PhotoShelter Blog

By Authority Collective —     Exploring Notions of Queerness with Authority Collective at Photoville LA - PhotoShelter Blog           This..

Meraki Mentor Podcast: There's Room For You Feat. Jovelle Tamayo

By Authority Collective —       S2E4: There's Room For You feat. Jovelle Tamayo           Creating art doesn’t have to be a..

A New Wave of Social Networks Make Diverse Photographers More Visible

By Authority Collective — A New Wave of Social Networks Make Diverse Photographers More Visible These platforms aren't giving photo editors any excuses to claim they..
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By Authority Collective — There's a lot of talk about inclusivity but what does it really mean to create equity and fairness in the photo and video industry? Join our..
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Presenting at Photoville LA: Parallax Exhibition curated by Mengwen Cao & Tara Pixley

By Authority Collective — Presented by Authority Collective and curated by Mengwen Cao & Tara Pixley— Parallax is a series of photographic and filmic portraits of..

on PDN Pulse: Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Jurors Withdraw in Protest of TD Bank Funding

By Authority Collective — Four jurors for this year’s  Magenta Foundation Flash Forward emerging photographer competition have withdrawn in protest of the..

on Humble Arts Foundation: "The Lit List" Presents a Diverse List of 30 Photographers to Watch, Exhibit, and Hire Right Now

By Authority Collective — Lack of cultural and gender-based diversity has been a problem in the art and photography world for years. Despite many positive, forward-thinking..

on FORMAT: The Lit List is Recognizing the Photographers the Industry Overlooks

By Authority Collective — This new photo award is drawing attention to marginalized photo talents. By Jill Blackmore Evans   20.07.2018        The..

on artsy: These Photographers Are Ensuring That Diversity Becomes More Than an Industry Trend

By Authority Collective — When Oriana Koren launched their career as a freelance photographer shooting weddings, they began to realize the lack of visibility for marginalized..

on NYT Lens: Women of Color Organize for Access and Accountability in Photojournalism

By Authority Collective — The Authority Collective , whose members are women, transgender or nonbinary photographers, is building a supportive community while challenging..
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