Almudena Toral

Visual journalist
Survivors Ink
Location: Miami, FL
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Almudena Toral is a Spanish visual journalist and filmmaker currently based in Miami. She heads the feature visuals team at Univision News Digital – the team covers the U.S. and Latin America through documentaries, photo essays, visuals for... MORE
Public Story
Survivors Ink
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Updated Jan 2015
Topics Documentary, human trafficking, Ohio, sex trafficking, tattoos

Pimp-led prostitution is one of the most violent and prolific forms of trafficking found in the US, with hundreds of thousands of women sold annually for commercial gain. Many are branded with tattoos by their traffickers as a sign of ownership and control. After being trafficked for many years of her life in Columbus, Ohio, Jennifer Kempton founded Survivors Ink, a grassroots project that helps formerly trafficked women to cover up their brandings with their own symbols of hope and recovery. Hers is a true story of survival, resilience and redemption.

Photographs shot on assignment for The Guardian and published in The Guardian's Sunday magazine, The Observer.

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