David Arribas

Location: Madrid. Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: David Arribas (1978) is a freelance photographer based in Madrid. Interested in documentary reporting on sociocultural issues, he focuses his work within the country where he resides, claiming proximity issues as an object of study. He began to... read on
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Scars / Cicatrices.
david arribas
Feb 19, 2018
So happy for second year IPOTY - International Photographer of the Year grants one of my projects. " Scars" third place winner open category photojournalism story. Don`t forget hundred of greyhounds are abandonded and mistreated every years at the end of hunting season in Spain.
David Arribas | Scars
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Kickstarter for Book: Anxiety the raw expression of revenge published by FotoEvidence

By David Arribas — David Arribas has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance his upcoming photography book on the punk..

Spain Archive Covid

By David Arribas — 385 members, 8367 pictures, 256 projects. David Arribas - Archivo Covid David Arribas (1978), es un..
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Jaula. Behind the anorexia

By David Arribas / Madrid — This past weekend NAIZ magazine 7K had published my project Jaula, Retrato de una vida con anorexia (Jaula,..
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Jaula, anorexia project have been selected finalist in Festival Della Fotografia Etica.

By David Arribas — Jaula, my project about anorexia nervosa have been selected finalist in   Festival della Fotografia..
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Ansia punk project wins Helsinki Photo Festival

By David Arribas — It is a pleasure to me  that Helsinki Photo Festival   have been  selected my work..
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Scars in The Washington post

By David Arribas — A pleasure to have been published in The   Washington Post "Scars". This documentary project..

Photon Festival 2019 Grant Finalist list.

By David Arribas — PHOTON FESTIVAL trusts one of my projects once again as a finalist in their 2019 scholarship...
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Cicatrices / Scars. in www.burnmagazine.org

By David Arribas — So nice to have published Cicatrices / Scars in burnmagazine. Stop abandonment and mistraetment dogs at the..
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Cicatrices win SantanderPhoto 2018.

By David Arribas — Santander Photo awards my work "Cicatrices" with the first place in the photo projections. "Cicatrices" is..
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Papel Magazine publishes Lady Jammer work about Female Roller Derby Team.

By David Arribas — Papel Magazine by  El Mundo newspaper publishes Lady Jammer my work about Female Roller Derby..
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Finalist in Dofotos Slovakia Documentary Contest 2017

By David Arribas — I`m so excited "Scars" ( my work about the dramatic situation of greyhounds at the end of hunting..
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Finalist in Urban Photo Awards Conetst Festival 2017

By David Arribas — I have been selected finalist by URBAN Photo Awards Contest in Trieste ( Italy ) at the 8th 2017 edition...
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kolga Tbilisi Photography 2017. Selected

By David Arribas — For second year. I am selected at the Festival Kolga Tbilisi, in documentary section. My  project ..
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Photon-Festival 2017 Grants. Finalist

By David Arribas — I´m a finalist at the Grant Photon-Festival 2017. http://www.photonfestival.com/
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My work Ansia Viva (Yearning) includes in Monochrome Photography Annual Book 2016

By David Arribas — It includes my work "Yearning" (Ansia Viva), awarded with Honorable Mention in category photojournalism. In..

Rural carnivals in Spain.

By David Arribas — Devils of Luzón. Guadalajara . Spain. "Luzon's devils" is a tradition transmitted from generation to..
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Third Places. International Photographer of The Year. Photojourlanlism / Story.

By David Arribas — IPOTY. Grants my work Yearning  with a third place award on Open Category: Photojournalism / Story. (..
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