Marí­a Magdalena Arréllaga

Independent Photojournalist and Visual Storyteller
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Nationality: Paraguayan American
Biography: Maria is an independent documentary photographer, photojournalist and visual storyteller working on stories and projects related to social, political and environmental issues in Brazil and Latin America. She studied international relations and... MORE
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Highlighting 36 Freelance Visual Storytellers Worldwide Coming Into 2022
marí­a magdalena arréllaga
Feb 2, 2022
Honored to be selected by Visura Mentee Laura Oviedo for the feature "Highlighting 36 Freelance Visual Storytellers Worldwide Coming Into 2022" for coverage of the protests against the government's corruption and management during the pandemic in Paraguay last year for The New York Times and Bloomberg.

Visura is delighted to welcome the new year by highlighting 36 visual storytellers and journalists from 16 countries. Curated by Visura Mentee Laura Oliverio—this feature aims to inspire as well as inform audiences through unique, compelling visual storytelling.

At a time when fostering empathy and kindness can really have an impact on peoples' lives and perception of life—we thank freelance visual journalists for sharing their most in-depth and unique visual stories with our community.

"All of these were such genuine stories that truly dug deeper than the surface. Beyond important, they are meaningful and impactful,"—Laura Oliverio.

We hope this feature encourages editors in newsrooms and organizations to connect with new work and talent worldwide. Each selection was found through the Visura database, which consists of posts, visual stories, and images shared by Visura members. 

Featuring: Jess DiPierro Obert (Brooklyn, New York & Port au Prince, Haiti), Ahmed Gaber (New York, New York), Arin Yoon (Kansas City, Kansas), Solmaz Daryani (The United Kingdom & Iran), María Magdalena Arréllaga (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil), Anita Pouchard Serra (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Nadja Wohlleben (Berlin, Germany), Griselda San Martin (New York, New York), Ranita Roy (Kolkata, India), Linda Kuo (New York), Anne Ackermann (Speyer, Germany), Sofia Aldinio (Baja California, Mexico & Portland, Maine), Johis Alarcón (Ecuador), Valérie Baeriswyl (Haiti), Alec Jacobson (Burlington, Vermont), Cate Dingley (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Molly Peters (Los Angeles, California), Lauri Lyons (New York, New York), Nina Berman (New York, New York), Donna Ferrato (New York), Fardosa Hussein (Mogadishu, Somalia), Gabriella N. Báez (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Caroline Gutman (Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Washington, D.C.), Anna Liminowicz (Warsaw, Poland), Rosem Morton (Baltimore, Maryland), José A. Alvarado Jr. (New York, New York), Robert Dash (San Juan Islands, Washington), Kiana Hayeri (Kabul, Afghanistan), Pedro Farias-Nardi (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), Arianna Pagani (Bologna, Italy), Lindsay Morris (Sag Harbor, New York), Sokari Ekine (New Orleans, Louisiana), Koral Carballo (Mexico City, México), Anja Matthes (Brooklyn, New York), Erika P. Rodriguez (San Juan, Puerto Rico), M'hammed Kilito (Rabat, Morocco).

Visura offers editors free accounts to search the Visura database by members or stories. We are here to serve our industry, empower visual storytellers and journalists worldwide, and help elevate media literacy. For more info, please email us at

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Highlighting 36 Freelance Visual Storytellers Worldwide Coming Into 2022 by Marí­a Magdalena Arréllaga
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