Sarah Arnoff Yeoman

Quarantine Pantry
Location: Portland
Nationality: USA
Biography: I'm an independent editorial and documentary photographer based in Portland, Ore., and Salt Lake City, Utah. After a career as a linguist and media content producer for a nonprofit working with Native American tribes throughout the West, I... read on
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Quarantine Pantry
Credits: sarah arnoff yeoman
Updated: 05/30/20
Location: portland, or
You know those ingredients you buy for one or two recipes, then stash away in the cupboard to forget about? We all have ancient ingredients lurking in our pantries. With quarantine and self isolation cooking, I've been digging through my supplies and rediscovering lost ingredients that I forgot why I bought them in the first place. Most of them are expired and have gone bad, but rather than throw them away, I decided to have some fun.