Arin Yoon

Photographer and Visual Artist
Suburban Koreatown
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Nationality: Korean American
Biography: Arin Yoon is a Korean American documentary photographer, visual artist, and arts educator based in the greater Kansas City area on a military installation and is available for work on issues dealing with the military community. Her work explores... read on
Public Story
Suburban Koreatown
Credits: arin yoon
Updated: 06/19/20
Location: New Jersey
Suburban Koreatown (2004-2007)

I grew up hanging out in the back of my mom's dry cleaning store in suburban New Jersey. When we first moved to this area, we were one of just a handful of Korean families in our town. Over the years, this area has become a bustling Korean community. In this work I explore the community I grew up in during a tumultuous time in our family. My mom serves as a symbolic link to my Korean roots as well as to my notion of family. These images are a composite of her world and mine in this space of transition and in between.