Arin Yoon

Photographer and Visual Artist
Suburban Koreatown
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Nationality: Korean American
Biography: Arin Yoon is a Korean American documentary photographer, visual artist, and arts educator based in the greater Kansas City area. Her work explores issues on the military, family, women, education and identity. She has exhibited at venues such as... read on
Public Story
Suburban Koreatown
Credits: arin yoon
Updated: 06/19/20
Location: New Jersey
Suburban Koreatown (2004-2007)

I grew up hanging out in the back of my mom's dry cleaning store in suburban New Jersey. When we first moved to this area, we were one of just a handful of Korean families in our town. Over the years, this area has become a bustling Korean community. In this work I explore the community I grew up in during a tumultuous time in our family. My mom serves as a symbolic link to my Korean roots as well as to my notion of family. These images are a composite of her world and mine in this space of transition and in between.