Arin Yoon

Photographer and Visual Artist
"To Be At War" supported by the National Geographic Society
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Nationality: Korean American
Biography: Arin Yoon is a Korean American documentary photographer, visual artist, and arts educator based in the greater Kansas City area. Her work focuses on the military, families, and women and issues of representation and identity.   Arin's... read on
"To Be At War" supported by the National Geographic Society
arin yoon
Feb 25, 2021
I am super excited and humbled to be able to work on the final phase of my project "To Be At War" with support from the National Geographic Society. My project, an interactive multimedia website, will be an archive of images, audio recordings and videos from within the military community, portraying the different stages of war, readiness for war, and the aftermath of war in the 21st century. It will also be a creative and storytelling platform for military community members who are welcome to contribute to the archive. The project explores the social impact of war through first person narratives.

I took off several years from my professional career to raise my children when they were babies-toddlers, often alone, and constantly moving with the Army. There were times when people asked, "Are you still a photographer?" I never doubted my journey, and even during that time, I kept making work, slowly and not as frequently, but consistently- sometimes with a baby on my back. So, it doesn't matter how slowly you move towards your goals, as long as you keep moving.

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