Carolina Arantes

Location: Paris
Nationality: Brazilian, French
Biography: Carolina is an independent photographer based in Paris, France. She pursues documentary stories both in Europe as in South America, mostly in Brazil.  Born in Minas Gerais, she grew up between countryside city Uberaba and the megalopole of... read on
Swinging in Paris
carolina arantes
Mar 25, 2019
Location: Paris, Fra
One of my favorite and funny work. Swing is now part of daily life in Paris. Schools are opening, bals, associations...for a not that easy dance, this is quite a mouvement for this old dance originated from American forbidden times. And here is the result of this Story commissioned by Canon and in a challenge of low light with its new EOS-R system.  hashtag#canonfrance  hashtag#liveforthestory hashtag#canoneosr hashtag#paris hashtag#dance hashtag#swing

Photographier des danseurs en basse lumière avec le Canon EOS R - Canon France
En se plongeant dans la scène française de la danse swing, l'ambassadrice Canon Carolina Arantes a capturé des sujets en mouvement rapide dans des conditions de faible luminosité avec l'appareil hybride plein format Canon EOS R,...


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