Carolina Arantes

Location: Paris
Nationality: Brazilian, French
Biography: Carolina is an independent photographer based in Paris, France. She pursues documentary stories both in Europe as in South America, mostly in Brazil.  Born in Minas Gerais, she grew up between countryside city Uberaba and the megalopole of... read on
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Photo Masterclass @ Pompidou Museum Platform
carolina arantes
May 27, 2021
Hello there! 
I'm sharing here, **for those who speak French** (for the moment), my intervention about Photography / Documentary Photography  with the Pompidou Museum in Paris is now online (until the 27th June).
There is a Conference about my Stories and a Live meeting on the **1st June 18h (Paris time)**.
All is open to everybody at their Pompidou Platform online (link up here) and at their Youtube channel. 
The Live event will be a chat / Masterclass about Photography, women in Photography and photo documentary works. 
If you are starting in Photography or teach or want to exchange, join us at the photo-activity proposed. And, please,  share with possible interested ones!
It is free and open to amateurs too. 
Only in French for the moment...

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Media News

Lory Martinez Portrait @ NYT + great Story on Podcast today

By Carolina Arantes — Podcasting Is Booming. Will Hollywood Help or Hurt Its Future? A frothy adaptation market is just one sign..

2020 National Geographic Explorer

By Carolina Arantes — I was granted for HOLY COW work and have not enough words to say how honoured and happy I am to be a 2020..
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Amazonia Story @Le Figaro Magazine

By Carolina Arantes — Hi, sharing here the link to my last reportage at Le Figaro Magazine (available online for the subscribed to..
Media News

A little late sharing, Tombamento @ Spiegel Online

By Carolina Arantes — Schwarze LGBTQ-Szene in Brasilien: Generation Umbruch Unter Präsident Bolsonaro sind Rassismus und..
Events News

Exhibitions Invitation

By Carolina Arantes — Two of my documentary works are on last week exhibitions, so I'm coming here to invite those in Munich..

Swinging in Paris

By Carolina Arantes / Paris, Fra — One of my favorite and funny work. Swing is now part of daily life in Paris. Schools are opening, bals,..

Canon Ambassadors talk

By Carolina Arantes — We were eight of the Canon Ambassadors to meet in Milan for a very interesting interchange and discussion..

Holy Cow @ The Guardian today

By Carolina Arantes — A very complete publication of this long term Photo Story.  The million dollar cow: high-end farming in..

Interview @ Maledetti Fotografi

By Carolina Arantes — Carolina Arantes: sono sempre stata interessata alle vite degli altri - Maledetti Fotografi Leggi la nostra..

Holy Cow @ Nouvel Obs

By Carolina Arantes — From this morning on, will can find Holy Cow in a 6 pages publication @ Nouvel Obs French weekly..

Das Perfekt Steak

By Carolina Arantes — This Stern assignment is a pearl and I'm very very happy to share it with you. The story had finally reached..
Awards News

First Generation @The Guardian Portfolio online

By Carolina Arantes — Delighted to share this! ..
Awards News

First Generation + Little interview @HUCK mag

By Carolina Arantes — Http://
Awards News Spotlight v_features

Winner of The 2017 FireCracker Grant

By Carolina Arantes — Delighted to announce that Carolina Arantes is the winner of the 2017 Firecracker Grant ,  awarded to a..
Awards News

Firecracker 2017 @ BJP

By Carolina Arantes — Http://
Events News

Invitation / projection ARPIA + MEP

By Carolina Arantes — Hi, for those who might be in Paris on the next 30th June, it will be a pleasure to share this evening with..
Awards News

@ Volkskrant

By Carolina Arantes — Pat Cleveland portrait at the Volkskrant newspaper Sunday Magazine, last December.  Pat Cleveland used..
Awards News

First Generation @ Angkor Photo Festival Projections

By Carolina Arantes — Very happy and honoured to have First Generation part of the next  Angkor Photo Festival &..
Awards News

Open Call Visura + BuzzFeed / Brazil

By Carolina Arantes — I'm very glad to annouce the news and to be the winner, along with Joao Pina, of this great initiative...

Holy Cow Image @ GEO De 06 2016

By Carolina Arantes — Happy to have a Holy Cow image at GEO June 2016 Kosmos double page section ! Holy Cow is a project about the..

Interview @ (Fr)

By Carolina Arantes — Dear friends and colleagues, I would like to share here my last interview concerning First Generation. It is..
Awards News

Fondation Lagardère Grant 2015

By Carolina Arantes — Dear colleagues and friends, Yesterday night I have officially received, from the President of the Jury's..

First Generation @JuliaMargaretCameron Award"

By Carolina Arantes — I'm happy to share that First Generation is one of the finalists at "7th edition of the Julia Margaret..

@ Época Magazine this week

By Carolina Arantes — Few portraits in a reportage about Parisian mourning after the attacks. At this week Brazilian Magazine..
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