Carolina Arantes

Location: Paris
Nationality: Brazilian, French
Biography: Carolina is a French-Brazilian independent photographer based in Paris, France. She pursues documentary stories both in Europe as in Brazil. She has also participated at VII Agency Masterclass 2014-2015. Born in Minas Gerais, she grew up... read on
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carolina arantes
Nov 19, 2019
Two of my documentary works are on last week exhibitions, so I'm coming here to invite those in Munich and in Paris to come see them! Both will close next 24th November.

For those in Munich, "First Generation" is at FOTODOKS Festival

In Paris, "Tombamento" is at Forum des Images for the Festival "Un état du Monde"
FOTODOKS | Festival für aktuelle Dokumentarfotografie
Fotodoks ist ein internationales Festival für aktuelle Dokumentarfotografie, das sich seit 2008 als größtes Festival dieser Art in Deutschland etabliert hat und in zweijährigem Turnus in München stattfindet.


By Carolina Arantes —

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