Anne Nwakalor

Founding Editor of No! Wahala Magazine
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Nationality: British Nigerian
Biography: Anne Nwakalor (Alagbe) is a British-Nigerian based between Abuja and London. She is a Visual Artist and the Founding Editor of Africa's first contemporary photography magazine; No! Wahala Magazine , which is a free print photography magazine... read on
Hey its Anne!
anne nwakalor
Dec 17, 2020
Location: Abuja

Hi everyone!

My name is Anne Nwakalor and I am a Photo-Editor based in Abuja Nigeria. I am also the Founding-Editor of one of Africas first-ever print contemporary photography magazine called No! Wahala Magazine. The magazine is focused on showcasing authentic visual stories told by African creatives and getting them seen by industry professionals. It is also an educational platform aimed at helping African Photographers better their visual storytelling skills.

In November we launched our first-ever issue titled 'Safe Place' which explores the variations of what makes an individual feel safe, especially during such a turbulent time as COVID-19. The magazine features the work of 5 African Photographers who visually convey what a safe place looks like to them, it is also jam-packed with educational resources helping one to think critically when it comes to photography and the intersection between documentary photography and art.

Click on the link to find out a bit more about No! Wahala Magazine, and if you're feeling a bit nosy and want to know a bit more about the face behind of the publication, then also check out my website: :-)

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No! Wahala Magazine is Africa's first contemporary photography magazine championing authentic visual stories by African Creatives. The term 'No Wahala' is Nigerian slang for 'no problem', summing up the message of African Photographers being able...