Anja Matthes

Photographer/Videographer/Visual Storyteller
NYC Protest
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: European
Biography: Anja Matthes is an award-winning documentary photographer, videographer, and visual storyteller based in New York City. Over the past seven years, Matthes has focused her personal work on LGBTQ youth of color. Matthes has exhibited projects about... read on
NYC Protest
anja matthes
Jun 2, 2020
Last night protesters walked from Bryant Park uptown on 5th Ave and turned west before reaching the Trump Towers where police behind barricades could be seen ahead. Speakers who carried a home loudspeaker guided organically the growing group weaving at a steady pace,  towards the west side avoiding any police's roadblocks Chanting and shouting "Say his name, George Floyd. Say her name, Breonna Taylor to "NYPD suck my Dick", the march was long and spirits high. During moments of silents along the way, the protesters kneeled several times before arriving downtown Manhattan's courts.  On the old building's steps framed inside its pillars, one of the young speakers mentioned that other protesters from Brooklyn were stopped from joining the Manhattan march. Before marchers stepped onto a crowded Brooklyn Bridge, chanting "Peaceful Protest" everyone seemed to repeat after one of the speakers, not to incite any violence and or provocations towards the cops, to hold each other accountable, for everyone's actions. Stop and intervene when you see looting, this is a peaceful protest."
Some people jumped onto the street alongside the pedestrian path, stopping the traffic towards Brooklyn. A young woman standing in the middle of the highway holding up her protest sign with dozens of cars lined up behind her waiting.  
It was dark when the protesters reach the Barclay center and the silhouettes
of three cops standing looking down on us seemed intimidating... 

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