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Spanish Settlers by Andoni Lubaki 
Spanish Settlers
Location: Bilbao, Spain
Nationality: Basque
Biography: Basque war photographer mainly focused in long-term projects and conflict areas. From Bilbao to all around 33th paralell. His breaking news pictures are represented by  FOKU and  SIPA USA . For long term project and personal stories his... MORE
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Spanish Settlers
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Updated Oct 2022
Location spain
Topics Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Dictatorship, Documentary, Immigration, Isolation, Journalism, Photography, Photojournalism
In the 1950s and 1960s, the development of new agrarian settlements became a key element of Franco's statecraft in Spain. The villages, often planted in unpromising terrain, symbolised Franquista power and ambition.
After the Spanish civil war, the country was plunged into absolute poverty and famine was very present. The dictator Francisco Franco found an agrarian reform project designed by the republican government that he had defeated with the help of European (German and Italian) fascism. He applied this reform and built more than 200 new towns in a sociological phenomenon without precedent in the world. They promised “home and work” to families across the nation, although many of them agreed because they were supporters of Franco and not because they were families in need. Today those towns that are around 60 years old still exist, although with a different name so as not to remember the dictator Franco who ordered their construction; many times with the labor of slave prisoners of the civil war.

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Andoni Lubaki
Spanish Settlers by Andoni Lubaki
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