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Pandemic Bestiary by Andoni Lubaki 
Pandemic Bestiary
Location: Bilbao, Spain
Nationality: Basque
Biography: Basque war photographer mainly focused in long-term projects and conflict areas. From Bilbao to all around 33th paralell. His breaking news pictures are represented by  FOKU and  SIPA USA . For long term project and personal stories his... MORE
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Pandemic Bestiary
Copyright Andoni Lubaki 2023
Updated Sep 2022
Location Spain
Topics Journalism, Nature, News, Pandemics, Photography
In the streets where before there were people walking, animals never seen before in our cities and towns appeared. We learned then that our neighbors had pets.
A small collection of people who walked their pets in the worst of the Spanish lockdown d

During the first days of the Spanish lockdown, everything looked like an oil painting. Only people who went out for the most essential broke the monotony of the streets that were losing color. As a photojournalist I had to work both in hospitals and in shelters for homeless people. Always on my way back from those places I saw people walking dogs. So I started taking pictures of my neighbors on deserted streets with their dogs. But the state law that the government promulgated at that time did not only speak of dogs, but of pets. He then began a trip throughout the state traveling more than 4000 km by car on deserted roads looking for those people who went out of the norm and walked their unique pets.

A pandemic bestiary that shows another surreal part of that dystopia that we are experiencing in 2020 in the Spanish state.

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Andoni Lubaki
Pandemic Bestiary by Andoni Lubaki
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