Andoni Lubaki

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Alepo Scaring Frontlines by Andoni Lubaki 
Alepo Scaring Frontlines
Location: Bilbao, Spain
Nationality: Basque
Biography: Basque war photographer mainly focused in long-term projects and conflict areas. From Bilbao to all around 33th paralell. His breaking news pictures are represented by  FOKU and  SIPA USA . For long term project and personal stories his... MORE
Public Story
Alepo Scaring Frontlines
Copyright Andoni Lubaki 2023
Updated Oct 2022
Location Alepo
Topics Arab spring, Civil Wars, Conflict, Photography, War
Pictures taken in January 2013 in the city of Aleppo in Syria during the civil war.
During January 2013 Alepo was the battlefield between Asad loyalists and FSA (Free Syrian Army). Because that the oldest city in the world became a scarfed map where the civilians try to live between scaring frontlines.
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Andoni Lubaki
Alepo Scaring Frontlines by Andoni Lubaki
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