Javier Alvarez

Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: Chilean
Biography: Javier Álvarez (Santiago de Chile, 1988) is a documentary photographer with a special interest in social issues. His work is focused on human relationships in neglected communities. Alvarez's work has been exhibited, published, granted... read on
Public Story
Credits: javier alvarez
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - Ongoing
Updated: 01/13/20
Location: Morocco
Only between 2016-17, about 171,635(*) immigrants crossed the mediterranean sea to a European destination. There isn’t an exact number that can tell how many stranded teenagers (13 to 19 years old) where on refugee or illegal migrant status, even despite being minors or unaccompanied. These numbers evidence the lack of protection towards displaced children who are forced to grow their emotional and cognitive identity, distorted by the disproportion of opportunities between the African continent and the European Union domains.

Historically, the Maghreb served as a crossroads for trade, colony, and migration in-between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. But Morocco is the synonym of an exit point. Sub-Saharan immigrants make their route through the desert until they reach mayor cities like Casablanca, Rabat, or Marrakesh. Algerians, Tunisians, or even Moroccans, try their way out from the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta or Nador. People in transit, cities collapsed, and deadly routes.

Through interviews, photographs, and access to their archives, this reportage shows intimate aspects from their journey that, despite their young age, finds them in a constant state of risk and uncertainty for an opportunity to cross into European soil.
In collaboration with the NGOs Minority Globe and Open Arms, this reportage aims to raise the awareness of a young generation that is risking their lives and the enormous potential to contribute, in any society they want to integrate as long as they can have access to those opportunities.
(*) Source: IOM, 2018.

Entre el 2016-17, alrededor de 171,635 (*) inmigrantes cruzaron la frontera del norte de África hacia Europa. No existe un número exacto que explique cuántos adolescentes (de 13 a 19 años) están en condición de refugiados o migrantes, a pesar de ser menores no acompañados. Estos demuestran la falta de protección hacia estos jóvenes desplazados que se ven obligados a vivir procesos de desarrollo emocional, cognitivos y de identidad, distorsionados por la desigualdad de oportunidades entre el continente africano y los dominios de la Unión Europea.

Mi deseo es crear un puente entre la audiencia y organizaciones que trabajan con estos adolescentes, para ayudar a visibilizar el enorme potencial que tienen para contribuir en cualquier sociedad o territorio, siempre y cuando puedan tener acceso a oportunidades para una mejor calidad de vida.

A través de entrevistas, fotografías y archivos, este proyecto busca dar visibilidad a estas experiencias de vida de estos jóvenes, que a pesar de su corta edad, han soportado un viaje de meses o incluso años, bajo un estado constante de incertidumbre.

(*) Fuente: OIM (https://bit.ly/2AF2b2k)

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