A few years ago some photographers posted photos of a house they discovered from google maps that overlooked the sea and had a huge, turquoise-mosaic-tiled pool. It looked more like a neglected mini palace that was left after someone’s heart got broken, as the place is so stunningly beautiful even with its disintegrating structure that it is hard to fathom how its owner left it to rot amongst the palms and serenity of the sea in front. I went to see it for myself and it was even better than I had imagined. Stepping through an open broken fence over dry ash-coloured rotting palm leaves, geometric broken pieces of the structure were strewn casually on the ground and piled on the wall as if someone had played with them. Upon entering the main door through an open patio strewn with dry dates as if it was a found art installation. In one word, ‘stunning.’

Jau House

Photographer based in Bahrain
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Jau House
Updated Nov 2021
Location Bahrain
Topics Bahrain, Bahraini architecture, Heritage, History disappearing