Alinne Rezende

visual storyteller / photojournalist
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Location: Sao Paulo
Nationality: brazilian
Biography: "Photography has always matched all my passions, all my choices, and all my curiosities. It has always been my best excuse: excuse to go, to be there, to tell, to listen, to come back, to get to know a bit more. It makes me think, look,... read on
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Date of Work 01/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated 11/30/20
Location Brazil
365 is an essay about a family and their battle with cancer during 365 days. Below a piece of the diary notes.

"The troubles that will keep you awake at night, will arrive at 3 pm on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon. Or any other of those days that you wouldn’t expect. Those days we cannot predict.

Mine came exactly 24 hours before boarding a plane to cross the planet. But this is life: tricky, and with its many surprises. Not surprises, because I am in this moment that life is not about surprises as much as it is about offers. It offers us everything, literally everything. Even that thing we could not dare to imagine.

This is the stage I am in right now, the one that you wish to see deeper because just to look is not enough. It’s too shallow. But I am not here to talk about my wish to go deeper as I am to talk about the unexpected things that we don’t see it coming. And still, shakes you deeply, so much that everything gets out of place while falls into the right place. Do you understand me?
We see people celebrating all the time, their conquers, their happiness, but we do not see the joy, the conquer of those tough times that are not so “beautiful” moments. (beautiful in quotation marks. Because for me, you can see the beauty in everything if you are open to let go of your pre concepts, to appreciate also the unknown)

Life is this, fact! The news you believe is bad, can be bad indeed, can be tough to deal with, yeah it can! Life can be bitter, but we have to learn how to appreciate the bitterness to be able to comprehend. To transcend our limitations, our concepts are liberating. More than that, it is enlightening. We can see where we stopped and where we should get if we let our ego aside to embrace our whole!

The news I received; however, I still do not know what the consequences will be. But I know that I see beyond the confusion I am in. And it does not really matter how far we will go as it matters to know how to admire, even, the stones on our way the same way we admire the flowers."

* * *
Thoughts of one of those nights of June 2018. Just me, the dogs, and a glass of tubaína.

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