Alí­ Marí­n

Documentary Photographer and Visual Artist
En Paralelo
Location: Mexico City
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Born in the state of Veracruz in Mexico, and beginning as a photojournalist in 2012, Alí Marín is now a documentary photographer and visual artist transiting across the center and south of Mexico. In his documentary photography uses... MORE
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En Paralelo
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Updated Aug 2020
Topics Documentary, Elections, Identity, Latin America, Mexico, Photography, Politics, Portraits, Portraiture
The State of Mexico is the most populated in my country and for years has had the highest rates of social inequality and violence.A place that for many means only numbers, but that for many others it’s an identity; an unmistakable, quirky and diverse voice, that is heard by force, between chaos, cumbias, dissonant colors, between combis, peseros and mentadas.This is a portrait of characters that embodies a contradiction, that of belonging to one of the largest urban spots in the country and at the same time, enclose in their outfits, their spaces or their way of inhabiting them, the greatest show of individuality. They are parallel truths that shape a reality that can only be found here.

This is a project developed during the coverage of the candidates in their race to govern the State of Mexico, a job that I take advantage of to make a personal comment,
far from campaign promises and much closer to what people are in this place. A vision that rescues the particular, the rare, the contradictory, the clingy, from what seems routine and generic.
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