Alexia Liakounakou

Photographer, Writer, Anthropologist
Location: Athens, Greece
Nationality: Greek - American
Biography: Alexia is a photographer an anthropologist. Her photographic work is at the intersection of art, documentary and visual ethnography,  without always neatly fitting into any of these categories.  Her studies were in History of Art (SOAS)... read on
Public Story
Credits: alexia liakounakou
Date of Work: 09/21/17 - 09/03/19
Updated: 09/27/19
Location: London
This is a series of photographs of people on the London Transport System. It is an observation of everyday life as it moves around the metropolis.

Though the transport system occupies the public sphere, I felt that individuals traveling on these trains and buses exuded something very unique about them, carving out a small personal space inside larger, public arenas - which is what I try to capture.    

Wholly shot on iphone.


By Alexia Liakounakou —



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By Alexia Liakounakou

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