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The Alexia partners with several organizations to extend a select number of application fee waivers
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Feb 18, 2022

We are grateful to partner with an impressive group of organizations and offer fee waivers for a select number of their members who would like to apply to its professional grant.

Through this partnership with African Photojournalism Database, African Women in Photography, Authority Collective, Black Women Photographers, Diversify Photo, Femgrafica, Foto-Féminas, Indigenous Photograph, Magnum Foundation, The Everyday Projects, VII Foundation, Visura, Women Photograph, World Press Photo Foundation, the Alexia will make a select number of waivers available to each group for member visual storytellers applying for The Alexia Professional grant.

Photographers and filmmakers who are members of one of these organizations and cannot afford the submission fee should request a fee waiver by February 26, 2022. Please read the requirements for the application, and update as much information as you can before submitting.

Steps to take: 

1. Please create a free account on Visura and upload your story submission. Do not submit to the Grant.

2. Instead, either apply directly through this FORM or send a link of your Visura profile to the organization of which you are a member, requesting the fee waiver.

3. You do not need to explain why. 

NOTE: You must be a member of one of the above organizations to be considered for this waiver. Also, you do not need to explain why you are requesting the fee; we have gone through enough over the past few years. We follow an honor code, and we trust that if you are asking for a waiver, it is because you cannot afford the fee. We will notify those who received the waiver by February 27, 2022, one day before the final grant submission deadline, February 28, 2022.

If you have any questions about the platform, email Visura at or

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The Alexia partners with several organizations to extend a select number of application fee waivers by The Alexia
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