Alejandro Olivares

Tsaatan People
Location: Georgia
Nationality: chile
Biography: *From 2006 to 2018 he has been a photo editor for The Clinic magazine in Chile, and since 2012 Co-founder of Buen Lugar Ediciones, He is currently travelling and photographing stories among Latinoamerica, Africa and Asia. He has... read on
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Tsaatan People
Credits: alejandro olivares
Date of Work: 06/20/19 - 08/15/19
Updated: 11/26/19
Tsaatan People

The town of the Tsaatan have lived for thousands of years in the deep and remote forest of northern Mongolia, they are native to the Russian SiberiaTheir lifestyle is very particular, they are the last nomads who raise reindeer in the Mongolian Taiga, their life revolves around these animals, They depend on them in almost every aspect of survival, besides their cultural and spiritual identity.  These people move continuously in search of pastures and water.
They use reindeer skins to build tents (tipis), footwear and clothing, besides to the antlers that are used as a valuable object of negotiation. They cling to their customs, but the deforestation they cause and the hunting of protected species,  make them deal with the Mongolian government. 
The government declared the ground of hunting of the Tsaatan as a part of the national protected parks. Now this land is out of bounds so they can not hunt anymore .
Every time there is less people in town, every time it is more difficult for them to maintain their traditions and lifestyle. The borders, the climate change ,and the modern world ,have been diminishing their culture, the modern evolution makes its way towards them, young people migrate to the city ,and the Tsaatan have begun to receive adventurous travelers who want to meet them ,and thus be able to generate some money. The Tsaatan are the last of their kind in Mongolia and they are disappearing.

By Alejandro Olivares —


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