Alejandra Carles-Tolra

#MarchingShoes in London
Location: London, UK
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Alejandra Carles-Tolra is a photographer and educator from Barcelona currently based in London.  Her work has been published and exhibited internationally, including The Guardian, CNN, Vice, The Huffington Post, NYTimes’ T Magazine,... read on
#MarchingShoes in London
alejandra carles-tolra
Jan 23, 2017
(Unpublished photo/essay)

Last weekend, Sarah Waldron (as a writer) and I (as a photographer) decided to go to the Women's March in London and do a photo/essay. 

You might be aware of #MarchingShoes on Twitter and Instagram, where women were putting up pictures of the shoes they were going to march in. We went to the march to take pictures of the shoes people were wearing and ask them a standard question about politics. The idea was to showcase the diversity of the women marching in a way that is different from standard protest coverage. 

#MarchingShoes is not street style. It is not posing. It is not a quest for fashion Brownie points or personal validation. While the women (and men) photographed at the march were of all ages, races and nationalities, the pictures taken below better articulate a universality: we are all different but all valid. We are unified. 

Please message me directly if interested to see the whole piece for publication.

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