Sofia Aldinio

Visual Journalist & Multimedia Storyteller
Location: South Portland
Nationality: Argentine
Biography: Sofia Aldinio is an Argentine documentary photographer and multimedia storyteller. She is currently based in Portland, Maine. Her work uses collaborative practices to tell stories about home, immigration, climate change, and preserving natural and... MORE
Public Story
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Date of Work Sep 2021 - Nov 2021
Updated Mar 2022
Topics Beauty, Children, Documentary, Enviromental, Fear, Health, Health/Healing, Photography, Photojournalism, Portrait, Relationships, School/College, Teens, Youth
This short essay documents Jaylan, an 11 old Mainer middle schooler, dealing with Alopecia.
Jaelyn an 11 year old girl, has been debating all summer whether she should start fresh at her new school without using her wig. Starting a new school for a teenager can be exciting, but when on top of that you have to consider how vulnerable you want to be in front of new friends, can come with a lot of anxiety.  

Jaelyn was only one when she was diagnosed with Alopecia, an autoimmune response where the body attacks the hair follicles. Jaylen used to go to school only 45 minutes away from her new school where she used to wear a wig. She was exacted about the option of starting fresh at her new school without the wig, "the wig gets really hot, especially playing sports" she says. Jaelyn is very aware of her own body and beauty, but she struggles with the consequences of standing out.

In this short essay I spent a few days during the period of two months documenting her life at home when she is not wearing her wig.

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