Johis Alarcón

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Location: Ecuador
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Biography: Johanna Alarcón (1992) is a freelance photojournalist and educator in Ecuador. Her work focuses on social, cultural, human rights and gender-related issues. She is a Member of Fluxus Foto, Native Agency and PH Museum. Her work has been... read on
on Huck Magazine: Spirituality and storytelling in Afro-Ecuadorian communities
johis alarcón
Aug 9, 2019

In an ongoing project, photographer Johis Alarcón explores identity within Ecuador’s African diaspora through the lens of ‘Cimarrona’ – the wild female spirit.

 Spirituality and storytelling in Afro-Ecuadorian communities
The term ‘Cimarrona’ refers to what Johis Alarcón calls “the wild female spirit”. In her ongoing visual project (itself titled Cimarrona), the Ecuadorian photographer explores identity in Afro-Ecuadorian communities through this lens. ...

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