Aviva Klein

portrait and documentary photographer and director
Welcome to Sheepshead Bay
Location: New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Aviva Klein is a NYC based portrait photographer and director whose work is rooted and inspired by introspective moments. From large-scale productions for Halle Berry and Epic Records to stripped down intimate portrait sittings of family and... read on
Public Story
Welcome to Sheepshead Bay
I've NEVER heard Funk Flex shout it out on the radio - and I listened really closely. Mos Def didn't mention it in 'Brooklyn'. Most NYC transplants don't know where it is. There are no hip restaurants or bars and the first high rise building just went up - and I'm pretty sure it, like the rest of the neighborhood- will house immigrant families. The neighborhood I grew up in, Sheepshead Bay is a unique and sometimes weird place with even more unique and sometimes weird characters. We are a very diverse community that are often overlooked and forgotten. Here is my on-going series of the place I call home- a place I love and love to hate.

Created in 2016, this series documents my hometown of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

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