Aviva Klein

portrait and documentary photographer and director
Location: New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Aviva Klein is a NYC based portrait photographer and director whose work is rooted and inspired by introspective moments. From large-scale productions for Halle Berry and Epic Records to stripped down intimate portrait sittings of family and... read on
There is something about the coming of age that has always fascinated me. The concept of seeking and forming an identity while still young, with limited experience and knowledge is a curious stage. We're no longer children. Experiencing new emotions, making many of our own choices, developing our own style, experimenting, exploring and confronting our sexuality. We begin to build strong relationships outside of our families and seek out stability, affection and other emotional needs on our own in the outside world, all for the first time.

We become self-conscious about our appearance and may compare ourselves to others, which can lead to feelings of insecurity or confidence and sometimes a bit of both. We want to be seen and included. Often that doesn’t happen, leaving us feeling left out. We may question where we stand amongst our peers. Some of us learn that we can exert our power over others and some of us feel powerless.

It's this inner conflict that all people go through as teenagers that I find compelling. As humans, we are all seeking love and acceptance from ourselves and others, a journey that begins at a young age and lasts throughout our lifetime.

Commissioned by MS528 in 2018. Published in The Photographic Journal 2018.

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