Aviva Klein

portrait and documentary photographer and director
Undo Magazine
Location: New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Aviva Klein is a NYC based visual creative with over 10 years experience. As Principal Creative of her own company, Aviva is charged with leading a variety of creative teams in transforming challenging subjects into powerful and lasting... read on
News Spotlight
Undo Magazine
aviva klein
Sep 30, 2019

Experience is the strongest cultural currency we hold. But many of us fear aging, less because it marks a march towards death, but moreso for a fear of irrelevance, a perceived ‘loss’ of youth (which explains our cultural obsession with extending youthfulness). We currently have access to one of the largest, most experienced demographics of elders in human history; yet, we have accidentally (or incidentally) forgotten about them. However, through the wisdom of their lived experiences, if we but reconnect to them, listen to their, learn from them, we can all learn how to age, better.

 AVIVA KLEIN Portrait Photographer/Director, PUBLISHED

By Aviva Klein —

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