Aviva Klein

portrait and documentary photographer and director
Location: New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Aviva Klein is a NYC based portrait photographer and director whose work is rooted and inspired by introspective moments. From large-scale productions for Halle Berry and Epic Records to stripped down intimate portrait sittings of family and... read on
Directed by Aviva Klein. Glam4Good Visits Paradise, CA 1 Year After Devastating Campfire.
aviva klein
Sep 10, 2019
I want to share with you a short documentary that I recently directed for nonprofit Glam4Good.The Glam4Good Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates and celebrates social impact, and empowerment through beauty and style.

Glam4Good created a 'pop-up store' (everything was brand new and free!!!) for the teaching community affected by the devastating campfire in Paradise, CA last November.

The assignment here was to create a four-minute video to be streamed on GLAM4GOOD's IGTV, documenting GLAM4GOOD's event and the impact it had on Paradise's teachers.



By Aviva Klein —

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