Alec Jacobson

Photographer, Writer
Location: Vancouver
Nationality: American
Biography: Alec Jacobson is a photographer and writer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, who likes to dive deep into slow-moving stories.  Drawing on his studies in Anthropology, French and Arabic at Amherst College, he prefers to be the only... read on
Public Story
Credits: alec jacobson
Date of Work: 04/08/19 - 04/10/19
Updated: 11/30/19
Location: Colorado
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Duke Phillips III and his family are on a mission to preserve their ranching heritage and conserve western prairie land by building an environmentally and economically sustainable cattle business.  I spent a few days on the Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado's Front Range.  Duke won the lease for the land in 1999 from the Colorado State Land Board and has spent the last 20 years raising his family and growing his herd while working in partnership with The Nature Conservancy.  I was drawn to their story because they have actively positioned themselves to help bridge the divide between urban and rural Americans.  City people stay in the guest house and learn how to brand and rope, while the Phillips' neighbors attend conferences on sustainable range management.  

By Alec Jacobson —

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