Alec Jacobson

Photographer, Writer
Playboy Magazine: In The Shadow of The Mountain
Location: Telluride, CO
Nationality: American
Biography: Alec Jacobson is a photographer and writer who likes to dive deep into slow-moving stories.  Drawing on his studies in Anthropology, French and Arabic at Amherst College, he prefers to be the only journalist within a... read on
Public Story
Playboy Magazine: In The Shadow of The Mountain
Credits: alec jacobson
Date of Work: 09/04/18 - 09/10/18
Updated: 03/06/19
Location: Telluride, CO
Though mountain resort towns, like Telluride where I live, are the spectacularly beautiful sites of memorable vacations, they have a dark underbelly for locals who commit suicide at a much higher rate than the national average.  While visitors come and live their best lives, staying in extravagant hotels and eating at fancy restaurants, locals often struggle to make ends meet.  Drug and alcohol use and abuse rates are higher here as well, in keeping with the party vibes.  These communities can feel a little like Nevernever Land, far away from real adult life.  And mountain towns tend not to have good access to mental health care.  The result is catastrophic.

I was pleased to shoot images for Chris Pomorski's essential story for Playboy Magazine.

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