Alec Jacobson

Photographer, Writer
Vancouver Climate Strike
Location: Burlington, Vermont, USA
Nationality: American
Biography: Alec Jacobson is a photographer and writer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, who likes to dive deep into slow-moving stories.  Drawing on his studies in Anthropology, French and Arabic at Amherst College, he prefers to be the only... read on
Vancouver Climate Strike
alec jacobson
Sep 27, 2019
Location: vancouver

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I Wrote A Story for National Geographic

By Alec Jacobson — I wrote a story for National Geographic about what will happen next with the Keystone XL pipeline now that..
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Connections to Kith and Kin - The Globe and Mail

By Alec Jacobson / Vancouver — For generations, the Canadian government perpetrated what many refer to as genocide against indigenous..

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Featured in Dodho Magazine

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'Zombie' Oil Wells For The New York Times

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Outtake From My Everesting Story Runs in The Times

By Alec Jacobson
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Everesting for The New York Times

By Alec Jacobson / Vancouver, BC — I rode my bike up and down Dinky Peak a gratuitous number of times for The New York Times. How to Cycle Up..
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Romanza Gym in Athleta Magazine

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My First Photo In National Geographic Magazine

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Langara Photography Masters Lecture

By Alec Jacobson / Vancouver, BC — Tonight, I was supposed to give a lecture at Langara College as part of their Photography Masters Series..

Heading South for The Globe and Mail

By Alec Jacobson / Array — I published a short travelogue and a large spread of pictures in The Globe and Mail about the time that I..

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By Alec Jacobson / Pueblo, Colorado — I did not make Phi Beta Kappa in college, so I'm particularly tickled that the society's magazine,..

National Geographic: Fishermen fight to survive on the world's second largest lake

By Alec Jacobson / Uganda — National Geographic just published a story that I've been following for quite a while about the..

National Geographic Travler: Peruvian Palate

By Alec Jacobson / cusco, peru — My first feature for National Geographic Traveler just hit the racks!
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