David Aimone

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Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: "David Aimone’s images reflect on the very essence of human life. His is an exploration between his own personal and intimate relationship with his self—in body and mind—and his interaction with forms in the visible world.... MORE
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Brothers " AimonePhoto
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Updated Oct 2020
Topics Arts, Family, Fine Art, Photography

My brother David and I have been very close our entire lives and we’ve always shared an intense interest in the fine arts (our grandmother was a piano teacher, our grandfather a wood sculptor, an aunt a first chair violinist, our father a wood sculptor whose drawings I found years later stashed under piles of things in the attic). So we were blessed and surrounded…

Growing up, we both focused our creative energies on music (who, growing up in the 60s, didn’t play the guitar?). David showed a hefty interest in photography back then as well, to be re-kindled later with great intensity, as you’ll see here.

As a young adult, David continued to develop his artistic voice as a musical composer and instrumentalist (check out his 2004 CD, Isle of Glass). I, on the other hand, focused on painting and drawing, studying at the Art Students’ League in NYC, receiving an MFA from Brooklyn College, and eventually exhibiting, teaching, and authoring books on abstract painting.

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