Amy C. Smith

Pacu Jawi - Bull Races
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality: United States
Biography:   I am an amateur photographer interested in photojournalism.  I currently live in Jakarta, where I am an international school teacher of mathematics.  It offers me a unique opportunity to see different parts of the world in a more... read on
Public Story
Pacu Jawi - Bull Races
Credits: amy c. smith
Date of Work: 05/15/17 - 05/15/17
Updated: 08/06/17
Location: Padang Panang
Archived as: 
Here is a glimpse into the Indonesian bull races, known as Pacu Jawi.  The event rotates in location and timing, depending on the harvest season, with this even taking place in the Tanah Datar district of West Sumatra, Indonesia.  While it is a huge social and cultural event, the bull races also serve a functional purpose, helping to turn the soil in the paddys. Everyone in the nearby communities comes out to cheer, heckle, spectate and place bets on bulls and jockeys alike.  The men acting as jockeys are tasked with staying “up” behind two bulls for as long and as far as possible, holding on by only their tails as their feet rest upon a small base to a simple wooden harness adorned by each bull.

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