Amy C. Smith

Idul Adha - From the Outside Looking In
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality: United States
Biography:   I am an amateur photographer interested in photojournalism.  I currently live in Jakarta, where I am an international school teacher of mathematics.  It offers me a unique opportunity to see different parts of the world in a more... read on
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Idul Adha - From the Outside Looking In
Credits: amy c. smith
Updated: 10/11/16
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
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Idul Adha - From the Outside Looking In

Idul Adha.  Eid Mubarak.  Eid al-Adha.  This is the Muslim day of Sacrifice, where Muslim’s honor Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his own son, Ishmael, as commanded by Allah.  For this holiday, communities gather for prayer, breaking fast, witnessing the sacrifices of goats and cattle, and distributing the wares.  Priority is given to the poor, elderly and sick.  Men of the community work together to slaughter and butcher the sacrificed animals, all within the confines of the mosque property. 

As a westerner unfamiliar with Muslim traditions, I was eager to experience this holiday first hand, along with a couple of friends..  Society had led us to believe that slaughtering animals should be viewed as barbaric and inhumane.  While we may not choose to participate and found parts hard to watch, it was an enlightening experience.  We were welcomed with open arms by the local community members, who were eager to help us understand their religious beliefs and practices.

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