Acacia Johnson

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Location: Charlottesville, VA
Nationality: USA
Biography: Acacia Johnson is a photographer, artist and writer from Alaska, focused on human relationships to the earth's Polar Regions. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Acacia was the recipient a Fulbright grant in Canada to pursue a... read on


Tomorrow I head back to Antarctica for another month, working as a photography guide and lecturer aboard the m/v Ocean Diamond with Quark Expeditions. Here's a stunning iceberg we observed earlier this season, at the Ukrainian Vernadsky Research Base on the Antarctic Peninsula. In 47 expeditions to the Polar Regions, I've seen a lot of icebergs, but this one stood out to me - the shape, the height (it was massive), and the dark clouds behind. What's more, the Ukrainians were amazing hosts and even opened their bar for us, where they serve home-made vodka.