Muhammad Abdulaziz

Observer | Photographer
/ˈsɪnθɪsɪs/ - إختلاق
Location: Khartoum, Sudan
Nationality: Sudanese
Biography: Muhammad Salah  (b.1993) is a Sudanese photographer and a visual storyteller based between Berlin and Khartoum, Sudan. His work explores identity, sexuality, memory, freedom, distance, healing, and the spaces in between. Muhammad uses a... read on
Public Story
/ˈsɪnθɪsɪs/ - إختلاق
Credits: muhammad abdulaziz
Updated: 11/11/20

Flickering spirits, steady lights
Broken bodies, solid glass
As I march 
Your auras shatter asunder
I behold your shivering spirits
I mumble, I dulcify

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