Anna Leigh Clem

Where the Road Goes
Location: Kingston, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Anna Leigh Clem is an artist working with photography and other mediums to explore and portray her unconscious ruminations. Compelled by the secret worlds inherent in memories, dreams, and childhood, her work aims to recreate these otherwise... read on
Public Story
Where the Road Goes
Credits: anna leigh clem
Date of Work: 03/20/11 - 05/15/11
Updated: 06/05/17


While my stay in Ireland was brief, every passing moment soaked through to a heeding heart. It is here that I escape to now. Within this alternate reality, I glimpsed the people who call this place home, but they were someplace else, away in their minds. It is this fleeting freedom that we share.

Walking the streets of the small towns in County Cork, I found an air of despondency and aloneness within the Irish landscape and its people, their thoughts seemingly adrift. It is a kind of sadness that I take great pleasure in, a melancholic contemplation in a private world. I too am a drifter in an unknowable landscape where dreams and desires reside. Thoughts soar above the clouds and come back down to earth. This connection through reflection is what has me yearning to return to Ireland. Perhaps they too are curious, like me, for a place beyond the sea.


By Anna Leigh Clem —

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