Anna Leigh Clem

To be oneself completely
Location: Cambridge, MA
Nationality: American
Biography: Anna Leigh Clem is a photo-based artist working with book arts, text, sculpture, and other media to explore and portray her unconscious ruminations. Compelled by the secret worlds inherent in memories, dreams, and childhood, her work aims to... read on
Public Story
To be oneself completely
Credits: anna leigh clem
Date of Work: 06/01/12 - 11/01/14
Updated: 06/19/17
Location: Hudson Valley, NY

When I step out the door to photograph, whether in my backyard or an unfamiliar landscape, my intentions are at first ambiguous. Like wandering through a dreamscape, meaning is not plainly present. As if my subconscious is speaking to me, visual themes begin to surface and a narrative becomes increasingly clear.

I am able to gain a greater perspective of my surroundings by creating and examining the resulting photographs. With the camera as my tool and nature as my guide, I can see myself from the outside! This project is about being oneself completely, authentically, truly. How can it be done? Or, can it be done? By peering through to my immediate landscape and those I hold dear, I have found several pieces to a greater puzzle. Surprisingly, their jagged edges fit together. It has become apparent that I am in hiding, but from what? Or rather, from whom do I shield my gaze?

I am making peace by accepting that I am not perfect. Maybe I will never be, but a broken tree can still be beautiful. These discoveries are enough to free me: To be myself completely, for now.

By Anna Leigh Clem —


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By Anna Leigh Clem — (2017-2020) Statement coming soon.


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