Anna Leigh Clem

Location: Kingston, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Anna Leigh Clem is an artist working with photography and other mediums to explore and portray her unconscious ruminations. Compelled by the secret worlds inherent in memories, dreams, and childhood, her work aims to recreate these otherwise... read on
Public Story
Credits: anna leigh clem
Date of Work: 06/01/04 - 08/15/15
Updated: 04/27/17
Location: New Paltz, NY


Teenage years are laden with fear, wonder, and self-doubt. In attempt to dissect that strange age as well as cope with my own bittersweet nostalgia, I have put together my first zine. All the photographs are from my high school years, and the typed text is excerpted from nighttime AIM (instant message) conversations that took place during that time. I have drawn between the photographs to continue the line from fact to fiction, indulging my imagination, which grows more vivid as the memories fade.

A heartfelt thank you to the po’ backpack gang roaming the streets of New Paltz, the seventies circle rolling ‘round the bungalow, and the beautiful losers dreaming atop an airfield, drifting downstream.

We are grounded. And yet the sky is not the limit.

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By Anna Leigh Clem —

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