Yader Guzman

Vaccinating Toronto
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Nationality: Canadian, Nicaraguan
Biography: I'm a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Bogotá, Colombia. I am a member of Diversify Photo and Hans Lucas Photo Agency . Since 2018 I've worked with publications such as The Globe and Mail, Macleans, The Local,... MORE
Public Story
Vaccinating Toronto
Copyright Yader Guzman 2023
Updated Dec 2021
Location Toronto, Canada
Topics Health/Healing, Pandemics
A series of images from a number of different assignments documenting the drive to vaccinate Toronto, focusing mostly on vulnerable populations in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood and the non white communities in Toronto. Work here for The Local and The Globe and Mail.

Una serie de imágenes de varias asignaciones diferentes que documentan el impulso para vacunar a Toronto, centrándose principalmente en las poblaciones vulnerables en el vecindario de Jane y Finch y las comunidades no blancas en Toronto. Trabaja aquí para The Local y The Globe and Mail.
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Vaccinating Toronto by Yader Guzman
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