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A Congregation Apart
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Location: Bogota, Colombia
Nationality: Canadian, Nicaraguan
Biography: I'm an award-winning photojournalist and documentary photographer based between Toronto, Canada and Bogotá, Colombia. I am a member of  Diversify Photo and  Hans Lucas Photo Agency . Since 2018 I've worked with... MORE
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A Congregation Apart
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Updated Dec 2021
Location toronto
Topics Christianity, Documentary, Pandemics, Photography, Religion
“If Jesus were alive today, he would not be hiding in his church. He would be out with his people,” says Father Hernan Astudillo. When the pandemic hit and places of worship were forced to close their doors, Astudillo took his message of hope and solidarity online and on the road. Astudillo leads the congregation at San Lorenzo Church near Dufferin and Lawrence. The congregation of approximately 500 is made up almost exclusively of immigrants and refugees from across Latin America, many of whom had fled the conflicts of the 70s and 80s that spread across South and Central America.

A Congregation Apart, for The Local.
“Si Jesús estuviera vivo hoy, no se escondería en su iglesia. Saldría con su gente ”, dice el padre Hernán Astudillo.
Cuando la pandemia golpeó y los lugares de culto se vieron obligados a cerrar sus puertas, Astudillo llevó su mensaje de esperanza y solidaridad en línea y en la carretera.
Astudillo dirige la congregación en la iglesia de San Lorenzo cerca de Dufferin y Lawrence. La congregación de aproximadamente 500 está compuesta casi exclusivamente por inmigrantes y refugiados de toda América Latina, muchos de los cuales habían huido de los conflictos de los años 70 y 80 que se extendieron por América del Sur y Central.

Una Congregación Aparte, para The Local.
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A Congregation Apart by Yader Guzman
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