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Rented Borders
Location: panama
Nationality: colombian
Biography: Walter Hurtado (1993) is a self taught freelance visual storyteller and collage artist based in Panama. Walter's work is focused on social justice, environment, daily news and human rights related issues. Clients: Bloomberg and EFE noticias.... MORE
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Rented Borders
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Updated Jan 2022
Topics Documentary, Immigration, Latin America, Migration, Photography, Photojournalism
Rented Borders documents the lives of foreigners living in downtown Panama City, their adaptation in small rooms and modified apartments, their lifestyles around the spaces that they have turned into their homes.

Nowadays, it feels like the country doesn't fully accept its multicultural reality. Leading to inequality, labor exploitation and xenophobia for migrants and a migratory system that has turned into a business for the government.

During the almost 2 years I've been documenting Nurys, Luis (Colombians) and Jose (Venezuelan), they have been living in the rooftop of Penta Building and Cristina who lives with her daughters Victoria y Sofia (Colombians as well) and a friend of hers at Amelia Building.

The migratory crisis that extends across Panama has many faces. "Rented Borders" looks forward to show how migrants continue adapting with a housing and migratory system that condition their life in every extent. 
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Walter Hurtado

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Walter Hurtado / Panama
Rented Borders by walter hurtado
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