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Visura & United Photo Industries announce the results of the 2018 Grant for Storytelling on Climate Change
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Jun 4, 2018
Slovenian documentary photographer Ciril Jazbec wins the 2018 Grant for Visual Storytelling on Climate Change.

Ciril explains: "Melting Away project is my long-term body of work on which I plan to work on for the rest of my career. I keep returning back to the Arctic almost on a yearly basis because I feel a very honest urge to document the climate change crisis. Throughout my trips, I have managed to establish incredible relationships with the Inuit people and I am fortunate to be able to count many Greenlanders as my friends. We are in the constant touch about the new unfolding events. The daily life of Inuits is changing rapidly due to the climate change and being able to capture and communicate this change is my main vision. This requires a lot of resources and energy from my side, however, I deeply care about our planet and feel like my work can help fight the climate change. I grew up in a small Slovenian village surrounded by nature and also from this stems my inspiration to do the projects that raise awareness about environmental issues."

In alphabetical order

1. Dario de Dominicis - To the left of Christ
2. Ed Kashi - On the Frontlines of CKDu
3. Lianne Milton - Hinterland
4. Monica Tiwari - Scars of the River
5. Nichole Sobecki - A Climate for Conflict
6. Robert Dash - Micro Climate Change
7. Swastic Pal - The Hungry Tide Project

On behalf of Visura & United Photo Industries—we thank this year's panel of leading judges—Whitney JohnsonChris Golden, and Jennifer Galvin for their time, commitment, and dedication during the judging process. Visura & UPI respect and stand by their final decision, and is grateful for their contribution and support.

Ciril Jazbec receives The 2018 Grant for Storytelling on Climate Change
Announcing the results of the 2018 Grant for Visual Storytelling on Climate Change Visura & United Photo Industries are delighted to announce the ...


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