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Biography: The Visura (Vē-su’-ra: Be seen) Blog features Visura highlights, essays, and announcements—including grants, partnerships, events and open call opportunities and results. 
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The Cortona On The Move Scholarship Open Call
the visura media blog
Jun 21, 2017
Visura is delighted to announce The Cortona On The Move Scholarship Open Call, an opportunity for one photographer Visura member to attend the Erotic Eye Workshop on July 16 & 17, 2017 led by Donna Ferrato for Cortona On The Move. Participants will begin to develop their own unique erotic eye and learn how to delve into more intimate situations with their subjects.

If you are a Visura member—definitely check this out, here.

The Erotic Eye Workshop was created by Donna Ferrato and Tomeu Coll in 2015. It is a guided tour through the world of eroticism, symbols, and fantasies. At its heart is the belief that we are born to love and be loved, and that, in the words of the late great Czech photographer Miroslav Tichý, “All of society is based on sexuality.”

Ferrato has already led three Erotic Eye Workshops in Spain, Germany, and the U.S. and its examination of the complexities of sex, love, and violence are the cornerstones of her work.

About Visura's Career Development Program

As part of its mission to further the work and career of its members—Visura launched the Career Development Program, which offers scholarships, grants, and open call opportunities to its members. In partnership with publications, brands and other leading institutions, Visura empowers content creators with opportunities to further their work, vision, and career.

Read full press release here. SUBMIT TO THE OPEN CALL HERE

Photograph by Donna Ferrato

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