Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

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Curated By Cameron Peters For The Visura Blog
based in Brooklyn
Editor's Note: Curated by Cameron Peters, this 6-part feature, released between February and March 2023, aims to encourage publishers and brands to hire more freelance visual storytellers worldwide to grow their audiences through impactful imagery rooted in diverse voices, narratives, and modes of storytelling. 

As we welcome 2023, Visura is delighted to highlight success stories by 50 freelance visual storytellers, artists, and journalists worldwide, who worked to inform audiences with unique, compelling visuals.

"These images ignite resilience, connection, and mystery, causing us to pause and open up to collective transformation." - Cameron Peters, Platform Curator

At a time when the industry continues to inundate audiences with superfluous stock images or AI-regenerative visual content, Visura remains committed to empowering professional creators and buyers with easy access to unique and in-depth visuals. This 6-part feature is a glimpse of the incredible work that is being produced by freelancers today.

PART I / II / III / IV / V / VI

Featuring: Ranita Roy (Kolkata, India), Johis Alarcón (Ecuador),
Fatima Shbair (Gaza City, Gaza Strip), Victoria Razo (Veracruz, Mexico), Jeoffrey Guillemard (Mexico City), Hanna Jarzabek (Madrid, Spain), Cate Dingley (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Adriana Thomasa (Valparaiso, Chile), Parisa Azadi (Tehran, Iran), Laurel Chor (Hong Kong), Malin Westermann (Oslo, Norway), Katherine Cheng (Toronto, Canada), Marcio Pimenta (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande Do Sul), Marí­a Magdalena Arréllaga (Rio de Janeiro), Jaír F. Coll (Cali, Colombia), Rashod Taylor (Springfield, Missouri), Gabriella N. Bàez (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Ana Palacios (Madrid, Spain), David Diaz (Quito, Ecuador), Donna Ferrato (New York), Sanne Derks (Arnhem, The Netherlands and Havana, Cuba), Katie Basile (Bethel, Alaska), Koral Carballo (Mexico City, Mexico), Anna Liminowicz (Warsaw, Poland), Tako Robakidze (Tbilisi, Georgia) Javier Alvarez (Brooklyn, New York), Anne Ackermann (Speyer, Germany), M'hammed Kilito (Rabat, Morocco), Andoni Lubaki (Bilbao, Spain), Caroline Gutman (Washington, DC & Philadelphia, PA), Arin Yoon (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas), Omar Havana (Brussels, Belgium), Santi Donaire (Spain), Lisa Elmaleh (Paw Paw, West Virginia), Karolina Jonderko (Warsaw, Poland), Serhii Korovayny (Ukraine), Mette Lampcov (Los Angeles), Jess DiPierro Obert (Mexico City and Brooklyn, New York), Marco Garro (Perú), Sofia Lopez Mañan (Argentina), David Degner (New York, New York), Anita Pouchard Serra (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Bissera Videnova (New York, New York), Neil Kramer (Queens, New York), Sitara Thalia Ambrosio (Hanover, Germany), Acacia Johnson (Anchorage, Alaska), Nikki Johnson (New York, New York), Vidhyaa Chandramohan (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates), Sofia Aldinio (Baja California, Mexico), Ofir Berman (Israel), Diego Ibarra Sánchez (Beirut, Lebanon)

Part I

RANITA ROY (Based in Kolkata, India)

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Commissioned by Fairpicture—Ranita Roy photographed Fairtrade Germany Organic Cotton Production in India.

Caption: A girl sews and sells clothes while studying in the Balangir district. The sewing machines were provided by Fairtrade with the support of the Bansal Organic Grower group under the Fairtrade Premium Project to earn money during the cotton production's off-season. Distribution in Odisha, India. February 27, 2022. 

Photo by Ranita Roy
Based in Kolkata, India.

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Johis Alarcón launches new book I am black because the sun looked at me 

Johis Alarcón's new book I am black because the sun looked at me documents the intergenerational stories and spirituality of the maroon sisters and African-descent women who survived slavery in Latin America. The book focuses on their continued resistance, resilience, and protection of the region today.

Caption: Alba Pavón, a community leader at "Caminos a la Libertad," a neighborhood in the northwest of Quito. She emigrated to the city in 1970 from the Afro community of el Chota, Valley. Alba represents "Yemayá," the mother of all the Orishas. Alba feels identified with this Orisha because the memories of her ancestors and territory are linked with water, the river is enrooted with her childhood. Quito, 2018.

Photo by Johis Alarcón.
Based in Ecuador.

FATIMA SHBAIR (Gaza City, Gaza Strip)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Fatima Shbair wins a 2022 World Press Photo award for her image of Palestinian children in Gaza, photographed while on assignment for Getty Images.  

Caption: Palestinian children hold candles during a rally amid the ruins of houses destroyed by Israeli strikes, in Beit Lahia Northern Gaza Strip on May 25, 2021 in Gaza City, Gaza. Gaza residents returned to damaged and destroyed homes as the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas appeared to be holding. The ceasefire brings to an end eleven days of fighting which killed more than 250 Palestinians, many of them women and children, and 13 Israelis. The conflict began on May 10th after rising tensions in East Jerusalem and clashes at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

Photo by Fatima Shbair
Based in Gaza City, Gaza Strip.

VICTORIA RAZO (Veracruz, Mexico)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
For Vogue, Victoria Razo photographed the Mercadita Feminista, Feminist Market, in Mexico City.

Caption: Portrait of Paola, 27, part of the 'Feminist Front Against Economic Violence.' Paola sells handmade chakira jewerly outside the Bellas Arte Palace in Mexico City, Mexico, February 5, 2022. The Mercaditas became a touchpoint for women seeking help. Passersby in the subway started to approach the vendors to ask for advice about aborting unwanted pregnancies or leaving abusive relationships. Deep in the heart of a city wracked by violence against women, in the face of harassment and extortion, police brutality, and economic precarity, the Mercaditas represented resistance.

Photo by Victoria Razo
Based in Veracruz, Mexico.

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

On assignment for L'Equipe Magazine, Jeoffrey Guillemard photographed a story about football at HBCUs, Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Caption: A few minutes before the launch of the Florida Classic in Orlando, Florida, the orchestra's choreographer finalizes the costume details for one of the principal dancers, Kevin Goins. November 2021.

Photo by Jeoffrey Guillemard.
Based in Mexico City.
Website: http://www.jeoffreyguillemard.fr/

HANNA JARZABEK (Madrid, Spain)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Hanna Jarzabek's project Off the map - Transnistria exhibited in a solo show at the Sala f/DKV, Torre DKV in Zaragoza, Spain.

Caption: Children prepare for a performance to commemorate the victory of the USSR in World War II in Tiraspol, Transnistria / Moldavia. April 28, 2018.

Photo by Hanna Jarzabek
Based in Madrid, Spain.

CATE DINGLEY (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Cate Dingley's new book Ezy Ryders documents New York City's black motorcycle community.

Caption: Self-portrait riding with an outlaw club on the FDR, the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown in the background, New York City, New York, 2017.

Photo by Cate Dingley.
Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

ADRIANA THOMASA (Valparaiso, Chile)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
On assignment for Agencia EFE, Adriana Thomasa photographed International Women's Day in Santiago, Chile. Her work was published in El País.

Caption: Two protestors, one of them waving the trans pride flag, pause during a march on the occasion of International Women's Day, in Santiago, Chile, March 8, 2022. The protestors were posing for a photo being taken by another protestor.

Photo by Adriana Thomasa.
Based in Valparaiso, Chile.


PARISA AZADI (Tehran, Iran & Dubai, UAE)

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Parisa Azadi’s project Ordinary Grief exhibited in a solo show at the Melike Bilir Gallery, curated by Bettina Freimann and Melike Bilir.  

Caption: Reza poses for a portrait during his wedding celebration on the Island of Hormuz, located in the Persian Gulf on April 19, 2019. Persian wedding traditions vary from region to region in Iran. On Hormuz Island, the groom wears a green veil over his face during the ceremony until the bride arrives. Green symbolizes luck and renewal.

Photo by Parisa Azadi.
Based in Tehran, Iran, and Dubai, UAE.

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Laurel Chor photographed and reported on the exploitation of cobalt mine workers in The Democratic Republic of Congo for Vice News.  

Caption: Workers dig out copper and cobalt ore from an open-pit mine operated by artisanal mining cooperative COMAKAT in Shabaka in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on May 6, 2022. The south of the DRC produces more than 70% of the world’s cobalt and is believed to hold at least half of the planet’s cobalt reserves. Demand for cobalt, which is used in lithium-ion batteries, has surged in recent years due to the rise in demand for electric vehicles.

Photo by Laurel Chor.
Based in Hong Kong.

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Malin Westermann was featured in CNN’s story, “Photographers capture their own experiences as mothers.”

Caption: “Waiting for the ordinary extraordinary.” I was 33 weeks pregnant with my firstborn son. My body felt heavy all the time. Not only physically, but mentally. The transition into motherhood was an emotional ride of intoxicated highs and lows, where my partner was the place that I felt most safe. Whenever he held me in his arms, I calmed down, and he said that we would do this - together.

Photo by Malin Westermann.
Based in Oslo, Norway.
Website: https://www.malinwestermann.com/ 

KATHERINE CHENG (Toronto & Hong Kong)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Katherine Cheng reflects on her parents' immigration journey from Hong Kong to Canada after her own move to the city. The story was featured by CBC First Persons.

Caption: (Left) People walk along Chinatown in Toronto, Canada in 1988. (Right) People walk along Chinatown in Toronto, Canada in 2022.

Photo by Katherine Cheng.
Based in Toronto, Canada.

MARCIO PIMENTA (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Marcio Pimenta’s portrait series “Black Lancers” was published by National Geographic.

Caption: Valéria Barcellos is a transgender multi-artist based in Porto Alegre. In her career as a singer, actress, performer, she deals with blackness, gender, diversity, inclusion and transgenderism. In addition to her work in culture, she participates in social projects aimed at the inclusion of trans people in society. As a trans and black woman, Valéria has several times denounced situations of transphobia and racism. In addition to her relevance in Rio Grande do Sul, she has traveled throughout Brazil and other countries doing plays and shows. March 30, 2022.

This portrait is part of the "Black Lancers" series, featuring black leaders from the local community (senator, councilman, actors, judges, athletes, etc.) in South of Brazil.

Photo by Marcio Pimenta.
Based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
Website: http://www.marciopimenta.com/ 

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Marí­a Magdalena Arréllaga photographed Cibele Florencio, Brazilian chess champion, for The Wall Street Journal.  

Caption: Brazilian chess champion Cibele Florencio da Silva, 24, picks fruits from the seriguela tree at home in rural Macaíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil on February 6, 2022, where she enjoys spending time with her family when she is not working or practicing chess.

Photo by Marí­a Magdalena Arréllaga.
Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Website: https://visura.co/arrell

JAÍR F. COLL (Cali, Colombia)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Jaír F. Coll photographed the celebration of Black Jesus in Quinamayó for The Guardian

Caption: The most important Christmas procession in Quinamayó is known as The Road to Bethlehem, led by two children who dress up as Mary and Joseph, while three young people play the role of godparents of the Black Baby Jesus. February 2, 2020.

Photo by Jaír F. Coll.
Based in Cali, Colombia.
Website: https://jaircoll.com/

RASHOD TAYLOR (Springfield, Missouri)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Rashod Taylor’s ongoing documentary photo series Little Black Boy was featured by CNN.

Caption: Rashod Taylor photographs his son LJ for his ongoing series Little Black Boy. 2020.

Photo by Rashod Taylor.
Based in Springfield, Missouri.

Part III

GABRIELLA N. BÁEZ (Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Gabriella N. Báez is featured in the Whitney Museum of American Art's exhibition no existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria.
Caption: Image from the series Ojalá nos encontremos en el mar, about grieving my father in the aftermath of Hurricane María. This project is currently being exhibited in no existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane María at the Whitney Museum of American Art from November 23, 2022 - April 23, 2023.

Photo by Gabriella N. Báez.
Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

ANA PALACIOS (Based in Madrid, Spain)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Ana Palacios solo show 'Las Habitantes' at the World Gallery in Madrid, Spain. Over the course of ten years, 'Las Habitantes' documents NGO projects promoting the rights of girls. 

Caption: Maria Yolanda Ayang, 16, is from Añisok (Equatorial Guinea) and a student at the Vedruna school, whose students study part of their syllabus using tablets to bring technology closer to these young people and close the digital inequality gap with the West. She belongs to one of the few families that owns a smartphone in her village. She uses it to access Facebook Messenger to communicate with her friends and Youtube to watch music videos. February 18, 2019.

Photo by Ana Palacios.
Based in Madrid, Spain.

DAVID DIAZ (Based in Quito, Ecuador)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
David Diaz photographs small-scale fishing and aquaculture Manabí, Ecuador, a project developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations while on assignment for Panos Pictures. 

Caption: Heart Island, Ecuador. Pablo Vélez, Byron Zambrano, and Henry Zambrano are shell and crab collectors in the area. They search the mud amid the roots of the mangrove tree for the shells hidden under the roots. Sep 15, 2022.

Photo by David Diaz.
Based in Quito, Ecuador.

DONNA FERRATO (Based in New York)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Donna Ferrato's The Wall of Silence opens at the Collect Pond Park in New York City.

Caption: Disrupt the silence, expose the systems that oppress neglect dehumanize survivors of domestic violence. Tracy McCarter at the Wall of Silence sculpture by Donna Ferrato outside the NYC Criminal Court in Tribeca. NY, NY, July, 2022.

Photo by Donna Ferrato.
Based in New York.
Website: https://www.donnaferrato.com/ 

SANNE DERKS (Based between the Netherlands and Cuba)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Sanne Derks' long-term project Rutopia, on the repopulation of abandoned villages in rural Spain, was published in The Washington Post, National Geographic Magazine in the Netherlands (print) and National Geographic USA (online).

Caption: Pere Lopez Guasa takes a skinny dip in the river near his house in Solanell, an abandoned village in the Spanish Pyrenees, where he bought a ruin and constructed a house to be surrounded by nature. Solanell, Spain. November 29, 2020.

Photo by Sanne Derks.
Based between the Netherlands and Cuba.

KATIE BASILE (Based in Bethel, Alaska)

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Katie Basile's project Dear Newtok was featured in the Far North Photo Festival in Yellowknife, Canada and the We, Women photo exhibit in Chicago.

Caption: Newtok is a Yup'ik (Indigenous) community in Southwest Alaska rapidly eroding into the Ninglick River due to thawing permafrost and an increase in storm surges caused by the climate crisis. Newtok residents Bernice John, Charlene Carl, George Carl and Albertina Charles wrote and drew their memories of the lost landscape on this photo taken from an airplane on July 26, 2019.

Photo by Katie Basile.
Based in Bethel, Alaska.
KORAL CARBALLO (Based in Mexico City, Mexico)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
On assignment for NPR, Koral Carballo photographed the story, "Meet the families harvesting the flowers that guide souls home on the Day of the Dead."

Caption: Maria Fernanda Hernandez Reyes and Miriam Garcia Reyes during the work day harvesting Terciopelo flower in San Fulix Hidalgo, Puebla, Mexico. October 28, 2022.

Photo by Koral Carballo.
Based in Mexico City, Mexico.
Website: http://www.koralcarballo.com/ 

ANNA LIMINOWICZ (Based in Warsaw, Poland)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Anna Liminowicz launches new book Zamalowane Okna (Painted-over Windows). 

Caption: Horst and Anna. The last time they saw each other was 74 years ago, when Horst and his family were leaving home just as other Germans were fleeing the Russian army approaching East Prussia. Every year since the 70s Horst has been returning to this place. Anna spent 3 years of her childhood here. In 1942, she and her family were forcibly relocated from the vicinity of Bialystok (Poland) and assigned to work with a German farmer (Horst's father) in East Prussia. After the war, Anna returned to her hometown. She has been coming back to this place for several years.May 22, 2019. Perły, Poland. The picture is from the book "Zamalowane Okna" (Painted-over Windows).

Photo by Anna Liminowicz.
Based in Warsaw, Poland.

Part IV

Tako Robakidze (Based in Tbilisi, Georgia)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
On assignment for Bloomberg Businessweek, Tako Robakidze photographed the feature story, "The Private Jet That Took 100 Russians Away From Putin's War."

Caption: Kate Gersamia, 37, a wine producer and official representative of French brand Baccarat, at her store in the centre of the city. October 12, 2022. Tbilisi, Georgia.

Photo by Tako Robakidze.
Based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Javier Alvarez (Based in Brooklyn, New York)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Javier Alvarez's new book PREDIO documents 200 families living inside an abandoned building in São Paulo, Brazil. PREDIO was a finalist in the Lucie Photo Books Awards in the category First Books, and it was published by Ediciones Buen Lugar (Chile).

Caption: Spread from the photobook 'PREDIO' including a reproduction from the author's field notebook with a collage made out of contact sheets, postcards and color crayon.

Photo by Javier Alvarez.
Based in Brooklyn, NY.

Andoni Lubaki (Based in Bilbao, Spain)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Andoni Lubaki's series 'Ukraine's War' was exhibited at the Aiete Cultural House in San Sebastian City. 

Caption: In Chirkunye, Kharkiv, Ukraine, a man watches the hole that a mortar made in his roof on Wednesday May 11, 2022. The Russian invasion of Ukraine by order of Vladimir Putin in February 2022 produced large displacements of people and had a great reaction from public opinion and political forces around the world. Russian military forces entered Ukraine territory on Feb. 24, 2022.

Photo by Andoni Lubaki.
Based in Bilbao, Spain.

Anne Ackermann (Based in Speyer, Germany)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Anne Ackermann launches new book 'This life is a mix of poison and honey.

Caption: Young people enjoy themselves during a night out in a club in the Albanian capital of Tirana.

Photo by Anne Ackermann.
Based in Speyer.

Omar Havana (Based in Brussels, Belgium)

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Omar Havana photographed Al Jazeera's feature story " 23:30: The last train to Bucharest."    

Caption: A Ukrainian woman hugs her dog while waiting to catch a train to Bucharest at the Suceava train station in Romania on March 05, 2022 in Suceava, Romania. According to estimations by Romanian volunteers at the station, an average of 300 Ukrainians travel every day on each of the five trains that connect the city of Suceava with the Romanian capital.

Photo by Omar Havana.
Based in Brussels, Belgium.

Caroline Gutman (Based in Washington, DC & Philadelphia, PA)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

On assignment for Inside Climate News, Caroline Gutman photographed the story "A Vast Refinery Site in Philadelphia Is Being Redeveloped and Called ‘The Bellwether District.’ But for Black Residents Nearby, Justice Awaits." The article was reported by Victoria St. Martin with story support by Deep Indigo Collective. 

Caption: Debbie Robinson sits for a portrait in her bedroom in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 1, 2022. For 20 years, Robinson has helped organize community efforts near her home to clean up the former Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery, which was also the site of a fire and multiple explosions on June 21, 2019. According to environmental officials, nearby soil and groundwater are contaminated with lead and hydrocarbons including benzene. Robinson herself now takes a regimen of medication for lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes and asthma. “I was fine,” Robinson said. “And then all of a sudden I’m on an oxygen machine.”⁣

Photo by Caroline Gutman.
Based in Washington, DC & Philadelphia, PA

Arin Yoon (Based in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

On assignment for NPR, Arin Yoon recreated the story behind her name.

Caption: My name comes from my mother's conception dream, called 태몽 "taemong" in Korean. Conception dreams are common in Asian cultures, usually dreamt by the mother or someone close to her before or while she is pregnant that foretells the coming of a child. It is the relationship between the dreamer and the symbols in the dream that is meaningful. Common symbols are those found in nature, animals, fruits and jewels. My mom had her taemong as I was growing in her belly but she didn't know it yet. For my wedding, she wrote a poem about it:

One day on my dream path
I walked by a stream in the forest
I saw jewels sparkling in the clear water
I scooped up a handful
And held them to the light
Soon after a baby girl arrived
아 (Ah) is beauty
린 (Lhin) is the sparkle of a jade
She grew up like her name
Lighting up different paths

Photo by Arin Yoon.
Based in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
https://www.arinyoon.com/ Lansing USA

Lisa Elmaleh (Based in Paw Paw, West Virginia)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Lisa Elmaleh wins the 2022 Arnold Newman Prize for her portrait series Promised Land.

Caption: Samuel in front of Monument Hill, where his ancestors are buried, Arizona, United States. 2022.

Photo by Lisa Elmaleh.
Based in Paw Paw, WV.

M'hammed Kilito (Based in Rabat, Morocco)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

M'hammed Kilito's series 'Before it's Gone' exhibited at the 2022 Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA) exhibition at the Leica Camera Ernst Leitz Museum in Wetzlar, Germany.

Caption: Youth emigration is one of the major problems facing the oases of southern Morocco. Many of the young people I met are considering crossing illegally to the Canary Islands due to global warming, water crises, lack of job opportunities, isolation and lack of primary resources. This has a negative impact on the maintenance of the oases, which need their youth to take care of them. Hicham emigrated to France for a year and after doing several difficult and poorly paid jobs, he decided to return to Morocco. To his surprise, no one encouraged him. Especially his family, who he thought would support him in his decision, had a very negative reaction. Today, Hicham is a fulfilled young man, happy to be in Morocco. He lives in Guelmim, works in a school and is active in the education and associative field. 2021.

Photo by M'hammed Kilito.
Based in Rabat, Morocco.

Santi Donaire (Based in Sevilla, Spain)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Santi Donaire's story "New law in Spain could help families in their search for long lost relatives" was published by National Geographic.

Caption: A group of relatives of victims of those who disappeared under Franco's dictatorship embrace after learning the news that a local judge will investigate the crimes that occurred in 1940, in Paterna, Spain, in 2017. In the cemetery of Paterna there are more than 100 mass graves, where 2,238 people were killed by the military regime between the years 1939 and 1956. According to the latest official studies, in Spain there are more than 114,000 people disappeared by the dictatorship.

Photo by Santi Donaire.
Based in Sevilla, Spain.

Part V

Karolina Jonderko (Based in Warsaw, Poland)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
On assignment for the Washington Post, Karolina Jonderko photographed the story, "She was raped in Ukraine. How many others have stories like hers?" 

Caption: A few times a week, volunteers from the Lemkin Center (set up by the Pilecki Institute) visit the Ptak Humanitarian Refugee Center to interview Ukrainian refugees who were eyewitnesses or victims of war crimes committed during Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In the picture: Kateryna, 19, said she was raped by Chechen fighters in Mariupol, Ukraine. Poland. Nadarzyn. May 13, 2022.

Photo by Karolina Jonderko.
Based in Warsaw, Poland.

Serhii Korovayny (Based in Ukraine)

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Serhii Korovayny photographed the evacuation of children with cancer from Ukraine to Poland for the Washington Post.

Caption: Oksana Besidovska (31) praying before departure to Poland with her daughter Evgeniya (9) and sister Marina (20) at their hospital room on March 30, 2022 in Lviv, Ukraine. Dozens of sick kids and their relatives were moved to the different hospitals around European Union under the evacuation program. In new places, they continue their treatment. Lviv, Ukraine. March 30, 2022. An outtake while on assignment for the Washington Post.

Photo by Serhii Korovayny.
Based in Ukraine.

Mette Lampcov (Based in Los Angeles)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
NPR featured Mette Lampcov for her work documenting the impacts of climate change.

Caption: Mike Doyle stands in what used to be the front door to his family home - looking at the burnt-out remains and what is left after it burned in the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, CA on Dec 12, 2018. The Woolsey Fire burned 96,949 acres of land and destroyed 1,643 structures, killing three people in November 2018.  

The 2018 wildfire season in California was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record, with a total of 8,527 fires burning an area of 1,893,913 acres according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.  

Photo by Mette Lampcov.
Based in Los Angeles.

Jess DiPierro Obert (Based in Mexico City and Brooklyn, New York)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
On assignment for Buzzfeed News, Jess DiPierro Obert photographed the story, "These Haitians Were Children When A US-Funded Project Evicted Them From Their Land. They Can’t Afford College."

Caption: Windia Augustin, 20, stands in the doorway and behind her her mother, Rosna Israel, works as a seamstress to make up for the lost income following their land being taking by the Caracol Industrial Park. April 25, 2022.

Photo by Jess DiPierro Obert.
Based in Mexico City and Brooklyn, New York.

Marco Garro (Based in Perú)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Marco Garro documented the aftermath of the Repsol spill in Perú and resulting environmental disaster while on assignment for OjoPublico 

Caption: Employees of contractor companies of the Repsol company try to clean up the crude oil that they spilled and that reaches the shore of the Peruvian coast. It is estimated that more than 6,000 thousand barrels of oil were spilled, terribly affecting marine-coastal ecosystems.

Photo by Marco Garro.
Based in Perú.

Sofia Lopez Mañan (Based in Argentina)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Sofia Lopez Mañan photographed a story documenting rescue efforts to save the Andean condor for National Geographic

Caption: Veterinarian Jennifer Ibarra from Cullunche NGO in Mendoza Province, Argentina, examines an X-ray of a dead condor, looking for signs of six lead bullets the bird ate while scavenging carrion.Pastoralists throughout Argentina still use lead bullets to shoot animals such as pumas, guanacos, deer and wild dogs that prey on livestock. Condors that feed on the dead predators ingest the bullets, and the lead slowly poisons their blood. April 14, 2022.

Photo by Sofia Lopez Mañan.
Based in Argentina.

David Degner (Based in New York, New York)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
For Smithsonian MagazineDavid Degner photographed a story about Bob Leverett's discovery of New England's old-growth forests and their potential for climate mitigation   

Caption: Portrait of Robert Leverett and his wife Monica Jakuc Leverett in the old-growth forests in Mohawk Trail State Forest on June 18, 2021, in Charlemont, Massachusetts. Robert Leverett has helped find and preserve the tallest and oldest stands of old-growth forest in New England while developing new methods to measure the height of trees.

Photo by David Degner.
Based in New York, New York.

Part VI

Anita Pouchard Serra (Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

On assignment for The New York Times, Anita Pouchard Serra photographed drummer Miguel Tomasín for the story, "The Drummer Who Reminds People That ‘You Can Play Music as You Like.’"

Caption: Alan Courtis, Roberto Conlazo(back), Miguel Tomasin ( middle), Patricio Conlazo(front) pose for a portrait in their dressing room before their concert at the RUIDO festival, of experimental music in the Cultural Center Nestor Kirchner, in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Friday 9 of September 2022. Reynols is an experimental rock band from Argentina formed in 1993. Today, the band is led by the drummer, Miguel Tomasín, a musician with Down syndrome. 

Photo by Anita Pouchard Serra.
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bissera Videnova (Based in New York, NY)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Bissera Videnova was a recipient of The 2022 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) for her project, Strive for Freedom.  

Caption: Framed photo of Vantzeti and his mother at Vantzeti's apartment in Queens, New York, January, 2022.  

Photo by Bissera Videnova.
Based in New York, NY.

Neil Kramer (Based in Queens, New York)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Neil Kramer was featured at the Headon Photography Festival in Sydney, Australia for his three year photography project project, "Quarantine in Queen."

Caption: January 26, 2020. Day 26, Quarantine in Queens by Neil Kramer, part of a three year project showing his pandemic life in a two bedroom, one bath apartment living with his mother and ex-wife.  

Photo by Neil Kramer.
Based in Queens, New York.

Sitara Thalia Ambrosio (Based in Hanover, Germany)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Sitara Thalia Ambrosio's photo series "Fragile as Glass: LGBTQ+ people in the Russian invasion against Ukraine” was featured in the Folkn Fusion Featival. The series has since been awarded with the Residence Prize at the Hellerau Photography Award. 

Caption: Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many people have fled to the west of the country, such as to Lviv. This also accounts for Natalia and Tetiana, who in normal times are publishers of children's books. They came from Kharkiv to the west of Ukraine. Now they tie camouflage nets in a volunteer center. These nets are made from old fabrics and are then sent to the Ukrainian army for support. March 14, 2022. 

Photo by Sitara Thalia Ambrosio.
Based in Hanover Germany.

Acacia Johnson (Based in Anchorage, Alaska)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Acacia Johnson photographed the Time Magazine feature story, "Polar Paradox: The Melting Arctic Could Destroy Indigenous Ways of Life While Making Some Alaskans Rich."

Caption: Inupiaq elder Betty Anagick, 94, models a tradtional parka sewn by her great-grandmother outside her home in Unalakleet, Alaska. Anagick says that the climate has changed noticably in her lifetime.

Photo by Acacia Johnson.
Based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Nikki Johnson (Based in New York, New York)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Nikki Johnson was commissioned by writer and director Melanie Maria Goodreaux to photograph the actors of "The White Blacks."

Caption: In character: Jonathan Duran as "Red" in "The White Blacks." November 2, 2022. 
Photo by Nikki Johnson.
Based in New York, New York.

Vidhyaa Chandramohan (Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Vidhyaa Chandramohan's story on UAE Women in Falconry was published by National Geographic Arabic Magazine. 

Caption: The UAE's female falconers regularly come together in the evenings to meet and train their birds, developing friendships and sharing knowledge in the process. Falconry is a multi-million-dirham industry. Like camel racing, women have traditionally been almost completely absent from this heritage sport, but things are changing in the UAE. From left to right, Mariam Al Hammadi, Eman Al Hammadi, and Ayesha Al Mansoori at Abu Dhabi, UAE. Photographed at Abu Dhabi Remote desert during falconry training.

Photo by Vidhyaa Chandramohan.
Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Sofia Aldinio (Based in Portland, Maine)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

On assignment for The Washington Post, Sofia Aldinio photographed the story, "In rural America, the crisis of disappearing reproductive care steals lives."

Caption: (Image left) A Family Medicine Practitioner, 36, walks into the room for abortion procedure at Mabel Wadsworth Center, Bangor, Maine on September 7th, 2022. (Image right) Abortion signs in downtown Bangor, Maine on September 6th, 2022.

Photo by Sofia Aldinio.
Based in Portland, Maine.

Ofir Berman (Based in Israel)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
Ofir Berman photographed the NPR Picture Show story, "The Dead Sea is dying. These beautiful, ominous photos show the impact."

Caption: Rachel Kiro, 13, the daughter of Dead Sea researcher Yael Kiro from Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science, sits atop a salt formation in the northern basin of the Dead Sea in Israel on Nov. 5, 2022.

Photo by Ofir Berman.
Based in Israel.

Diego Ibarra Sánchez (Based in Beirut, Lebanon)
Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023

Diego Ibarra Sanchez's project The open wounds of war in Iraq was published by EL PAIS SEMANAL. 

Caption: Portrait of Zainab, 14 years old, and her brother, Abd Al-Hussain, 16 years old, outside their house in Zareeji. Zainab was affected by a UXO while she was collecting steel with her brother 6 km far away from her community. “My dream is to see again, I don't want anything else in my life, my wish is to see I have nothing more precious than my eyes. I hope my eyesight will return soon.” The increasing urbanization of armed conflict raises important concerns. Even after conflict, the effects of explosive weapons reverberate for years to come. Iraq remains among the countries most contaminated by landmines and explosive devices in the world. March 1, 2022. Basra, Iraq.   

The open wounds of war in Iraq is a project done in March 2022 to highlight how the war affects thousands of children's lives in Iraq as a part of the UNICEF project on"EWIPA," explosive weapons in populated areas in Iraq and Ukraine during 2022.

Photo by Diego Ibarra Sánchez.
Based in Beirut, Lebanon.
Website: https://www.diegoibarra.com/

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Highlighting Success Stories By Freelancers Coming Into 2023
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